The Podigee Changelog

2016-11-22 Multitrack Audio Uploading

Podigee now supports uploading multitrack recordings. So if you already record separate tracks for different speakers or music/effects, you can now upload those individually. This has many advantages over uploading an already mixed version, some available already now, some in the near future.

First the audio post processing step through Auphonic will be much more effective when using their multitrack algorithms. Soon we will also launch automated transcripts for your podcast content, which will also greatly benefit from multitrack uploads. Additionally we are working on displaying speaker activity in our podcast web player.

Multitrack uploads will be available for all paid plans.

2016-11-21 Contributors

You can now add one or more contributors to a podcast and individual episodes. Currently this will only used for assigning speakers to multitrack uploads, but will find more and more use in future features coming to Podigee. Already planned are support in our upcoming automatic transcripts feature and displaying speaker activity in our podcast web player.

2016-07-26 Better support for using your own website with Podigee

Podigee users have always been able to use their own website and only use Podigee for audio file hosting and the embeddable web player.

Although providing a all-in-one solution, we of course know that podcasters mostly already have a website and so we decided to make using it with Podigee a lot easier. You can now provide an external address for podcasts and episodes. This will be used in the feed and web player and should give your listeners a much smoother experience.

2016-07-12 Massive update for statistics data analysis

We updated the analysis of download tracking data. Before the improvement you saw three different numbers for downloads on you statistics pages. The most mysterious number here was "Unfinished downloads" which was composed of actual unfinished downloads (due to bad connections for example), but also streaming downloads where a podcast listening app only loads the part of the audio file it is supposed to play in the next minutes.

With the update a lot of that mystique is now gone and we're really happy to provide you with much more accurate numbers from now on. The most significant change is that we are now able to detect streaming downloads and show you a reliable figure you can work with.

But there are a few additional changes waiting for you:

1. A new graph display for showing downloads over time that shows much better the development of download numbers

2. Information about where downloads originate from

Of course we will continue tweaking our analytics code constantly and are also working on more advanced possibilities to make even more of your statistics data.

2016-07-07 Advanced configuraton for Podigee Podcast Player

You can now enable and disable extensions in the podcast configuration. Additionally you can decide of you want to show a certain panel like chaptermarks or downloads immediately when the player loads.