Auphonic goes freemium, Podigee prices stay the same

Our partner Auphonic recently introduced their pricing model. Our plans & prices will stay the same.

Auphonic goes freemium, Podigee prices stay the same

As many of you might know we partner with Auphonic to provide our users the best automatic audio post-production there is. Auphonic up until recently provided their online service for free but switched to a freemium pricing model a few days ago. Their new model allows for processing of 2 hours for free per month, after that users have to pay an affordable fee. See the Auphonic pricing page to learn more.

How does this affect Podigee?

First we have to say that we are really happy to see Auphonic taking this step, as it will make sure they can keep their great service as reliable and make it even more awesome as it is today. Congratulations!

Podigee is in no way affected by this change. Our plans & prices will stay as they are. Audio post-processing through Auphonic is still included in all of our plans.

See our plans and prices

In fact we are currently working on an addition to our plan portfolio that will allow even more people to start podcasting or try out a new show format with Podigee and profit from Auphonic's post-processing magic. Watch this space in the next days or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to learn what this means exactly.