Enhance your podcast experience with a fresh look

The Podigee Podcast Player has got a new design!

If you are one of our customers or the enthusiastic listener of one of the thousands of podcasts hosted by Podigee, you would likely have used our audio players on the web. Whether you visited your favorite show's website or a directory of their episodes, you have been making use of one of our most darling features for helping podcasters attract their audience right away: the Podigee Podcast Player.


New Podigee Podcast Web Player


It's more than just looks

Ownership of a podcast placement is essential to any podcaster who wants to raise engagement and brand awareness among their listeners. The Podigee Podcast Player is used when a show is not broadcasted via an app or platform i.e. via the Podigee Podcast Blog or a website. Your podcast's appearance outside the popular apps also plays an important role, as it is directly related to your brand and your podcast itself.


So what's new about the podcast player?

The Podigee Podcast Player allows podcasters to embed their episodes into their websites and kick-start their show, presenting it to their audience straight away, without them having to leave the website. We have heard our customers' feedback and developed an easier and more consistent way to do exactly that. 



The new design makes listening to a podcast uncomplicated and facilitates the discovery of other functionalities like following a show, sharing an episode, or a specific part of it, quicker than ever.

  • Navigate it. Your episode's title and sub-title take the spotlight. Brand new: The episode's length is part of the play button and immediately visible to listeners. After hitting play, they can jump forward or backward as usual. Also, new: the navigation allows going straight to the next episode. This way, the audience stays on the ball.
  • Like and subscribe. Would you like to gain more subscribers? The "Subscribe" button is more accessible now and links directly to each of the platforms to become a follower. The RSS feed is available with a click. 
  • Quick share. Encourage your listeners to send over their favorite spot in the episode over Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or by email using the chapter mark and share button. Let them spread their enthusiasm for your podcast with their friends. Downloading is also possible with a click.
  • Customize it. The sleeker look also helps to integrate the player into an existing website design without the need for additional design efforts, while still making the player stand out, even in the text-heaviest of pages. Customization of colors for your player according to your brand is possible at endless levels. Check the 'Web player' section in your podcast settings.

Your podcast on the web is easier than ever. Login to your account and try it out!