Podigee Podcast Player now available for testing

Introducing the new Podigee Podcast Player - the web player your podcast always wanted!

Podigee Podcast Player now available for testing

TL;DR - The Podigee Podcast Player is now available for testing, if you are hosting your podcast with us please contact us with the in-app messenger or send us an email and we will enable it for your account.

Why a new player?

Podcasts have special requirements when it comes to playback. That's why you're probably not using an app made for listening to music to listen to a podcast. Those requirements range from special playback controls, like buttons for skipping forward in the current episode, jumping to a chaptermark or changing playback speed, to something like support for advanced supplementary content like chaptermarks or transcripts.

Standard web players just don't have the kind of functionality that we wanted to provide to our podcasters, so we sat down and developed the Podigee Podcast Player.

Why should I use it for my podcast?

  1. The Podigee Podcast Player uses modern web technology to support playback on a wide range of devices from normal desktop computers to tablets, mobile phones. We're also experimenting with bringing podcasts to your TV by supporting playback to Google's Chromecast.
  2. It is easily embeddable, allowing you to use it on your private Blog powered by Wordpress or your corporate website powered by a sophisticated content management system.
  3. It is fully themeable, which allows to make the player look exactly like you want it to and allows it to fit into a lot of different website styles. The default themes delivered with the player are of course responsive, meaning they adapt their appearance to the screen size they are displayed on.
  4. It's built with extensibility in mind and most of the default functionality is actually an extension of the basic player. This allows us to keep up with evolving requirements podcasts will have in the future and always stay on top of things.
  5. It supports advanced podcast metadata like chaptermarks, shownotes, transcripts and many more in the future.
  6. It has a built-in playlist, that makes your whole episode catalog available directly in the player.
  7. Listeners can easily share or download you latest episode directly from the player.

How can I use it?

There are two different options here:

  1. The easiest way is to host your podcast using our podcasting platform Podigee. If you already do, please use the in app messenger or send us an email and we will enable the new player for your account. If you're not already a member of the Podigee family you maybe want to register for a trial account and see what we have to offer!
  2. As the player is available under an open-source license you can also integrate it yourself. Please have a look at the repository on Github to see how to do it.

Open Source

As mentioned above, the player's source code is available under an open-source license meaning you can use whereever you want to and even modify it's functionality to fit your needs even better.

If you would like to contribute please have a look here. If you're interested in integrating the player with other software, like CMSes please let us know so we can ensure the best possible experience for everyone who wants to integrate and use the player.

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