Start podcasting for free - with Podigee

We introduced a free plan that allows podcasters to publish 60 minutes of audio per month for free.

Start podcasting for free - with Podigee

Starting today everyone can start podcasting for free with Podigee. One of our suppliers recently reduced their prices and we would like to pass this on to our users. With the free plan option we especially want to encourage people who would like to try podcasting for the first time or want to experiment with a new format.

Our free plan includes 60 minutes of free audio per month for everyone. Also, your episodes will get encoded to 4 different audio formats (MP3, AAC, Ogg and OPUS). And if that's not awesome enough, you can use the basic statistics package and almost all the features our paid plans provide.

Start podcasting for free

Users that were on trial (expired or not) have been transfered to the new free plan. If you want to import more data than the free quota allows, please get in contact and we'll help you out.