The most popular podcast platforms on Podigee: September 2019

Let's have a look at platform popularity on Podigee

The most popular podcast platforms on Podigee: September 2019

For the first time we’re having a look at downloads & streaming numbers on the entire Podigee platform.


In this chart we only measure podcast apps: no web or webplayer data is used here.

At first glance, we see a dominance of Apple Podcasts with over 42% market share. Second comes Spotify with over a quarter market share. With a much lower market share come Castbox, Deezer and Podcast Addict.

Google Podcasts doesn’t seem to be there yet: a 1,5% market share seems quite low for such a big player.

Interesting is the amount of unknown apps. More than 1 in 10 listeners use an app that isn’t one of the top apps in the chart. This shows the decentralized nature of podcasting. There is a long tail of apps that while not very popular, still find their own niche (which is very telling since podcasting is a medium that has a very vibrant community of niche topics).

There is a catch, though: we don’t have all the Spotify data. Before Spotify allowed to claim accounts, some publishers would create their own accounts with Spotify directly. We estimate that it could have, at most, a 3-5% impact on the current numbers in favor of Spotify, but we can’t know with 100% accuracy.

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