Numbers, please. Important Analytics Changes in 2020.

The shutdown of the old statistics is imminent.

Numbers, please. Important Analytics Changes in 2020.

Numbers, please. Important Analytic Changes in 2020.

As you know, every turn of the year comes with a bunch of good intentions. We have a lot on our plates in 2020, but statistics are still a high priority. You’ve may already discovered (or noticed) our new analytics section in the backend, where we created a completely redesigned statistic platform for you. This is the logical continuation of our last years’ resolution to standardize the process of collecting, evaluating and presenting podcast analytics in order to compare figures between podcasts, hosts and service providers. (For further information on the technical background, please have a look at our “Unified Podcast Analytics”-Whitepaper, where we’ve explained the topic in detail).

But now back to our 2020 resolution: We aim to make our analytics even better, even more handy and even more groundbreaking. In order to focus fully on optimizing the new figures, we have no choice but to let some other things go. This means that on February 29, 2020, we will be saying goodbye to the previous statistic interface and “forcibly switching” all Podigee accounts to the new analytics. But “compulsion” is a somewhat unfortunate word - because we firmly believe that the new world is a more beautiful, more reliable, more comparable, more practical, more pioneering, more transparent, easier to handle and more future-proof one. And on top of that, it is much better.


as so often the case in life, there is also a small sticking point here: the old numbers are not one hundred percent compatible with the new world. Therefore we’ve decided heavy hearted to not drag the previous access numbers into the new analytics, nor store them elsewhere for you. That means for you: As of March 1, 2020, we will no longer collect statistics for the old dashboard. Until then we will transfer past data into the new analytic format (currently until 1.2.2018). As of April 1, 2020, we will also switch off the old dashboard. To prevent you from loosing your old data during this time, there will be the possibility to get a complete analytics export of past data in the backend.

For all customers who registered after July 28, 2019 there will be no changes: they have already used the new analytics area from the outset (presumably without even noticing it).

Thank you for your understanding - talk to you soon!
Mati, Ben and the Podigee Team