Media quality

Depending on which media quality setting you choose your audio file will be encoded in different bitrates. Please note that not all settings are available in all plans.

Available encoding qualities

Normal quality

  • MP3: 112kbps
  • AAC: 80kbps
  • Ogg: 96kbps
  • OPUS: 64kbps

High quality

  • MP3: 128kbps
  • AAC: 96kbps
  • Ogg: 112kbps
  • OPUS: 80kbps

Super high quality

  • MP3: 160kbps
  • AAC: 112kbps
  • Ogg: 128kbps
  • OPUS: 96kbps

Which plan has which qualities?


  • Normal


  • Normal


  • Normal
  • High
  • Super high


  • Normal
  • High
  • Super high