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Standard web hosting is often not optimized for podcast usage where traffic peaks after publishing an episode are normality. Slow downloads and unreachable websites are the consequences. Podigee Podcast CDN can help solve this issue without switching providers.

Why Podigee Podcast CDN?

We make sure your audience get's what it subscribed to.


Easy to setup

Continue using your current hosting. No migration, no change of workflow! Just configure where your content currently is located. Done.


Infinitely scalable

Guaranteed bandwidth no matter how popular your podcast is. Never worry about slow downloads and unreachable websites again.


Optimized for iTunes and Podcasting

Our delivery network is optimized for iTunes compatibility and explicitly created with podcast requirements in mind.


Highly compatible

Works with all common web hosting solutions and podcasting plugins as well as Amazon S3.


Protect your website

Podigee CDN takes load of your website and feed so everything stays available when it matters most.


Awesome support

Get personal support when you need it. No automated answers, promised!

See what our customers are saying

First of all, a praise and a lot of respect. That's what I call service. Thank you!

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All you need to know


What is the Podigee Podcast CDN?

Podigee Podcast CDN is a content delivery service built specifically for the needs of podcast shows. It allows you to deliver media files to your audience, without affecting website and feed performance.


What problem does the Podigee Podcast CDN solve?

Standard web hosting is not made for serving large media files to hundreds or even thousands of listeners. Our CDN is specifically made for this purpose and can be used as an addition to your current web host.


I use Amazon S3. Will it work with the Podigee Podcast CDN?

Yes, almost any web and cloud storage will work just fine, as long as it is publicly accessible.


Why should I trust the Podigee Podcast CDN?

The PPC was originally built in 2013 for the Podigee Hosting Service and has been battle-tested with terrabytes of podcast traffic. During that time we achieved an uptime track record of 99.99%.


Why do I need to use an external service for serving my content?

A lot of downloads happen soon after releasing a podcast episode. This can be a real challenge for many standard web hosting offers. Therefore it is a wise choice to separate website/feed hosting and media file hosting.


I have my own server, can I use the Podigee Podcast CDN?

Of course! As long as your server returns us the relevant files, you can use it.

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