Podigee Pro Services

Do have special requirements? Take a look at our custom services or contact us if you have any questions.

Custom plans

Made-to-measure plans if you need more support, expect a lot of traffic or just need more of everything.

If our standard plans don't fit your needs or you need something we do not offer yet, contact us to learn about how we can support you with a custom package.

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Web Player Customization

Want a podcast player that matches your CI/CD standards? Talk to us about creating a custom theme for our top-of-the-line web player.

Our web player is completely themeable and extendable, so if you have special requirements regarding design or features contact us to find out how we can help you integrating our player into your website. Did we mention it's open source?

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Custom CDN solutions

If you don't need a complete hosting solution but would like to have a podcast-centric CDN we might have something in store for you.

Our custom-built CDN is versatile and can work with many different hosting situations. Additionally it can help you improve tracking how often your content has been downloaded.

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You want to build your own podcast distribution? With our extensive knowledge of the bits and pieces of podcast hosting we can give you a jumpstart.

Having built our podcast hosting from scratch, we have a broad knowledge of what to watch out for when it comes to distributing podcasts to a wide audience. Profit from our deep knowledge and save time, money and nerves when building your own solution.

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