Podigee is an international podcast hosting site with “Made in Germany” quality and service that’s off the charts. We want to make podcasts simple, so you can simply make podcasts. And here are a few promises to back that up:

1. Podcasting with Podigee is child’s play!

When we started Podigee over five years ago, the world of podcasts looked completely different: If you wanted to publish your audio content, you had to know a lot about technology, hosting, and this entire uncharted digital territory. Podigee has made it all so much easier. We promise to keep it simple: You produce the content and let us worry about hosting and publication.

2. Good service is part of our company philosophy!

Because we’re also passionate about listening to and making podcasts, we’re not just close to the community, we’re part of it. You’ll notice this especially when you have a question or need a new feature: We communicate with you as partners, and every now and then we’ll even move small mountains to make you happy. We try to be accessible at all times and everywhere: by telephone and email, on various social media platforms, and at conferences and events. Here’s our service promise to you: We will support you as equal partners and colleagues, with no autoresponders or standard answers, and always with a lot of heart.

3. You’re in good hands with Podigee!

Podigee is podcast hosting platform that’s “Made in Germany.” Yes, it’s true that as Germans we like punctuality, hard work, and sausages. But “Made in Germany” doesn’t have anything to do with those clichés. Instead, it’s about things like accurate bills with itemized VAT, GDPR-compliant data processing, and servers in local data centers. Here’s our security promise to you: In our hands, your data – from audio content to accounting – is always safe and will always be quickly accessible!

4. Podigee is a true podcast platform!

There are large audio and music platforms that have managed to tack podcasts on to what they do. For many typical podcast problems, they provide only half-hearted solutions, odd fixes, and change request tickets that haven’t been processed for years. Virtually on our own, we set out in a different direction, and now you can reap the rewards: Podigee was developed based solely on the podcast format. Every single button and feature is optimized for podcasting. In this form and scope, that’s truly unique in Europe. And according to Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility, which is why we make this performance promise to you: We want to be the platform that makes you totally happy as a podcaster – and we’re pretty sure that we’re on the right track!

5. At Podigee, you’re helping shape the future of podcasting!

When we founded Podigee, we did so with a vision, and it’s one that we believe in more than ever today: We wanted to make podcasting simpler! Today the fruits of our work are evident in a thriving podcast landscape with a variety of formats and ideas that was unimaginable just a few years ago. We’re certain that there’s a lot more that can be done, so we’re really only just getting started at Podigee. At the beginning of the year, for example, we introduced a monetization feature with Podigee Premium, and we have some very cool things planned for the months ahead. To make sure our developments keep pace with the latest trends, we visit nearly all the important events and conferences in our field. After all, we also want to keep our promise for the future: We’ll ensure that you stay at the cutting edge of podcasting – and if you’re missing a function somewhere, let’s talk about how we can work together on its development.

Ben and Mati, founders of Podigee

Ben Zimmer and Mati Sojka, founders of Podigee

Who is Podigee?

Now that we’ve made all these promises, it might be a good idea to tell you who we are: We’re Ben Zimmer and Mati Sojka, and over the past five years we’ve created the most comprehensive podcast hosting service in Europe.

Want some milestones? Here you are:

  • 2013: First private beta of Podigee
  • 2014: First public version of Podigee
  • 2015: A growing number of Podigee pioneers place their trust in us; the range of features grows dramatically
  • 2016: We’re growing – and not least because the first big podcast label with 4,000 hertz moves to Podigee
  • 2017: The breakthrough, with well-known podcasters like Maria Lorenz, major publishers like Zeit Online, and streaming providers like Deezer; this year sees the launch of many exciting projects
  • 2018: Podigee is booming, with more than 1,000 customers, 2,000 podcasts, and 20,000 episodes that are producing 120 terabytes of audio traffic per month

And who else is Podigee?

Who else is Podigee? Let’s not forget one essential group: you. All of you who listen to podcasts and make constructive comments on them in the network. All of you who interact with us on our Facebook page and in our Twitter stream. All of you who chat with us at conferences and events. All of you who send us feedback via email. You’re all helping to shape the future of podcasting: Our future! And because we consider ourselves part of the community, in many areas we rely on technology and standards that have already become established, like Auphonic and the Subscribe button. In return, we try to give something back whenever possible: for example, the Podigee Podcast Player that we released for use by everyone under an open source license.

We make podcasting simple, so you can simply make podcasts!

Yours, Ben Zimmer and Mati Sojka