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Podigee and Audion join forces to create the first European turn-key podcast solution, from hosting to monetization
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2 free tickets to re:publica Thessaloniki
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Pricing simplifications
Statement on the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability
As you might have heard, yesterday was a pretty bad day for secure communication on the internet. Due to a critical bug in the widely used OpenSSL library which is used to encrypt communication between your browser and a website it was possible to gain access to usernames, passwords and other confidential information. Podigee was also affected by this bug (as were many others like,, etc.). How was podigee.
Welcome to the Podigee Blog
Here we will talk about all aspects of podcasting in general and of course in relation to our Podcast Hosting Platform called We will discuss different aspects of what makes a podcast appealing to the listener and give tips how podcasters can improve their audience's experience. We're also always happy to cover topics you care most about. So if you have something you want us to write about, let us know.