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Music and jingles for podcasts
Many podcasters would like to use music in their podcasts, but are deterred by licensing and the jungle of different rights. Here’s what you need to know about using music in podcasts. “Want to get into podcasting? Podigee helps you with everything you need to get started:” Other parts of the “Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started” series Part 1: What is a podcast?
Podsights presents Open Downloads for Podcasts - here's what we think about it
Only a few days ago, we at Podigee released our new analytics. One of the points we made was to challenge the centralization imposed by the IAB certification. Don’t get me wrong - I believe that a standard is a good thing, and the IAB 2.0 guidelines are pretty solid. Yet they lack a lot of detail. Because of that we published a whitepaper that makes our analytics transparent and fills in the gaps that are in the IAB 2.
How do I edit an audio file?
How do I cut my podcast? Which software is suitable for which application? That’s what this article is about. “Want to get into podcasting? Podigee helps you with everything you need to get started:” Other parts of the series “Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started” Part 1: What is a podcast? Part 2: How can I listen to podcasts? Part 3: How do I record podcasts?
The future of podcast analytics - available today!
Hello everyone! In this blog we explain to you: Why we have a problem with podcast analytics How we rethink podcast analytics We present the new Podigee Podcast Analytics How the transition from the old to the new system takes place Why we have a problem with podcast analytics Podcast analytics are broken. Strictly speaking, they have never worked properly - which is mainly for technical reasons: Access to podcast episodes is measured by a web server that delivers the corresponding files.
How do I record a podcast?
Creating a podcast isn’t that complicated when you know how to do it. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to record your podcast and make it sound as good as possible. It’s about the technology, but also about the ideal room. “Want to get into podcasting? Podigee helps you with everything you need to get started:” Other parts of the series “Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started”
How can I listen to a podcast?
Now that we have an overview of what podcasts are, I’m sure you’d like to hear some. You can do this on the websites of the respective providers, but the most suitable are podcatchers, which are podcast apps on your smartphone. On iPhones and iPads, the app Podcasts is already pre-installed. On Android, you can download Google Podcasts for free. Use these apps to subscribe to podcasts. It’s for free and means that new episodes are automatically downloaded to your device.
New categories on Apple Podcasts
After the announcement in June, Apple quickly implements the new changes and the re-categorizing process will start next week. The changes have already been integrated into the Podigee interface and will be unlocked as soon as the new categories are launched. From now until the changeover you can still freely choose from the old and new categories and view changes that might occur. In late summer only the new categories will be valid.
What is a podcast?
Podcasts are a great medium. They are available for almost all topics and niches, they are not dependent on a single large platform, they are perfect for immersing yourself in stories and the hosts often tell stories at eye level and ideally create an emotional connection between the listeners and the podcast. These are all reasons why podcasts have gained popularity in recent years. What are podcasts? How can you listen to them and how to produce them yourself - that and more will be explained in this series.
10 tips on how to improve your podcast reach today
I’ve put together 10 tips that improve specific, often overlooked aspects of your podcast setup and have a lasting impact on the number of listeners of your podcast. All tips at a glance Use the podcast info correctly Choose the right category The perfect cover image A podcast needs a home – the podcast website The unbeatable duo: Web player and subscribe button Use your private network Channel Takeovers It’s okay to ask for feedback and ratings!
Apple introduces new podcast categories
At the annual developers conference WWDC, Apple announced changes to its podcast directory “Apple Podcasts”. The following things are going to change about the categories: Three top-level categories (“Fiction”, “History” und “True Crime”) and several subcategories are going to be added. Several top-level categories and subcategories are going to be renamed (e.g the top-level category “Science & Medicine” will change to “Science”). Several subcategories are going to be discontinued (e.
Podcasting is dead. Long live the podcast!
Last week Dave Taylor held a talk about Podigee’s idea of the future of audio. In his presentation at re:publica 19, a conference with focus on digital society and developments in Berlin, he compared Podcasts with the music and radio industry and showed the enormous potential of spoken on demand audio. Listen to a recording of the talk: According to the Reuters Digital News Report 2018 33 % of the population in the United States accessed a podcast in the past month and 22 % of the people in Germany.
Podigee is launching in Spain and Latin America
Adding Spanish to the supported languages is a very important step for us as we see a big growth in podcast listeners and producers in Spain, Latin America and the Hispanic community in the United States. With almost 500 million Spanish speaking people in the world this is a big opportunity for us. According to David Mulé, podcaster and director of the podcast network “La Constante”, “Podcasting is on the rise, in Spain and Latin America.
How Podcasters Can Use Twitch To Grow Their Audience
There are many ways for podcasters to grow their audience. Some podcasters do this by sending promos of their podcast to other podcasters who focus on similar topics. Others purchase ads on social media. One of the newest, and most fun, ways for podcasters to grow their audience is through Twitch. Why use Twitch? Twitch is best known for being a place where people stream themselves playing video games.
Ten reasons why you should integrate podcasts into your online marketing mix in 2018
MTV beamed the first music video in 1981: “Video Killed the Radio Star,” warbled the Buggles, declaring war on radio, which had previously ruled the airwaves. Today almost 40 years later, Radio 2.0 is striking back. In Germany, more audio than video was consumed on the Internet for the first time in 2017 – and in the U.S. one in four adults have listened to at least one podcast in the past month.
2 free tickets to re:publica Thessaloniki
Having partnered with re:publica for their main event in may this year to make all talks available in your podcatcher, we we’re really happy they asked us if we would do the same for their satellite events in Dublin and Thessaloniki. With Dublin already over we still have two tickets to the event in Thessaloniki starting tomorrow. If you’re interested, let us know why you should be the one going on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll choose one of you to receive the tickets.
Automatic Podcast Transcripts beta
We've written about transcripts and how important we think they are for podcasts before. The problem is, that it is either very time consuming or very expensive to create them. That changes now! When Auphonic announced their efforts in the direction of automatically producing transcripts we did not hesitate and immediately started thinking about how we can integrate the feature into Podigee. We already demoed an early version a couple of weeks ago at the German podcast conference SUBSCRIBE in Munich and are very happy to announce our public beta today for all podcasters who are supporting us with a paid account on Podigee.
About the recent statistics problems
Some of you might have noticed that podcast statistics were lacking data from July 30th to August 2nd. Here is what happened, how we recovered the data and what we are going to do to avoid something like this in the future. What happened On Saturday, 29th of June, shortly before midnight, our download statistics collector stopped reporting downloads to the part of Podigee that stores the analytics data for later use.
Welcome the redesigned Podlove Subscribe Button
Almost two years ago we introduced the Podlove Subscribe Button and we're still the only podcast hosting platform that brings this massive simplification of the subscription process out-of-the-box. A few days ago we not enabled the button to be enabled by default for all our podcasters, but also updated to the newest version of the button. This features a very nice design update as well as a few more options to adapt it to the design of your website.
Podigee Podcast Player is now enabled for all accounts
Last weekend we finally flipped the switch and enabled the Podigee Podcast Player for all podcasters using Podigee to publish their podcasts. This change will allow us to build new great features like full support for transcripts and other additions to your podcast's audio content, like images, geodata and supplemental material like PDFs and other document formats. We already enabled the player last weekend and everything seems to be going smooth.
Podigee Podcast Player now available for testing
TL;DR - The Podigee Podcast Player is now available for testing, if you are hosting your podcast with us please contact us with the in-app messenger or send us an email and we will enable it for your account. Why a new player? Podcasts have special requirements when it comes to playback. That's why you're probably not using an app made for listening to music to listen to a podcast. Those requirements range from special playback controls, like buttons for skipping forward in the current episode, jumping to a chaptermark or changing playback speed, to something like support for advanced supplementary content like chaptermarks or transcripts.
Apple reveals iTunes Podcast Connect
Until now the only way to get a new podcast into the iTunes Podcast Directory was to go through the iTunes software. With Apple's new iTunes Podcast Connect site that has changed. Since today you can not only submit your feeds using the new website, but you also can see the status of your submission, edit feed URLs and even delete a podcast from the directory without having to go through email support.
WTF podcasting: The iTunes Podcast Directory - What it is and why you need it
What is the iTunes podcast directory? iTunes is, first and foremost, known as Apple's hub for selling media (Music, Movies, TV shows, Books and Apps) to their customers. But besides that it is also the largest and most influential podcast directory in the world. Before we continue, lets get a common misconception about iTunes and and it's role in podcasting out of the way: iTunes will not host your media files!
Podcast Transcripts - How To Create Transcripts Of Your Podcasts
How Does It Work? As a Podigee customer you can activate the transcription feature in the media tab in the podcast interface: After that, you are ready to go! Now you can go and create a new episode as usual. After uploading and encoding the audio file, a machine-generated transcript will be generated. You will see the following screen in the "Transcript" tab: Now clicking on the "Edit transcript" button will open the transcript editor.
Podcast Transcripts - Why every podcast needs them
Why you should transcribe your podcast Audio content has many advantages over text, but more often than not it is good to also provide a written version of a podcast episode. Here are only a few: People who can't hear your podcast can still consume your content Searches on Google are text based Makes it easy to find, quote and share valuable parts of an episode after listening Opens opportunities to easily compile your content into blog posts, articles, presentations or even books I am sure there are many more reasons, but those are the ones we're going to focus on in this article.
Growing your brand by starting a podcast
Podcasts can be a powerful addition to your company's brand Whether you already have an established business or are just starting a new endeavor, the benefits of a strong, known brand are clear. You want to be seen as an expert and authority in your field in order to increase the value of your business, attract new customers and retain your current ones. Let us take a look at how you can use podcasts to grow your brand.
Add metadata to your podcast to increase your listener base
The distribution of podcasts as a digital medium can be a bit complex and difficult to grasp. There are lots of concepts, like feed, RSS, metadata, audio formats, distribution platforms and a lot more. In this article, we are going to focus on metadata and how it affects the discoverability of your podcast. Why is metadata so important? Imagine yourself, searching for information on Google or another search engine. Let's say you have a dog and want to read more about teaching it some tricks.
What defines good podcast hosting?
1. Do not mess with my file The file I upload is the file I download. Don’t rename it. Don’t resample it at a different rate. Don’t mess with my ID3 tags. The only company I allow to do this is Stitcher (they resample) and for the record they are NOT a media host (they are a distribution system). The short answer: Yes, we mess with the file, but we have our reasons.
Introducing the new Podigee podcast statistics system
The short version We greatly improved our statistics system by improving both backend and frontend. Tracking of downloads is more accurate, browsing of statistics is a lot more fun and you finally can see detailed episode statistics. It's already available for all Podigee users, go check it out now! The new statistics in action The long version At the first look counting podcast downloads seems like an easy task. After completely redoing our statistics system we found it's not quite that easy.
Start podcasting with your iPhone, Dropbox and Podigee
It's easy to spend a fortune on recording gear to produce your first podcast episode, but you don't have to do it. To get started quickly, all you need is a phone, a headset, Dropbox and a free account for Podigee - our podcast hosting platform. If you don't have an account for Podigee yet, follow the link below to create one for free. Start your free 14 day trial with Podigee
How To Subscribe To a Podcast: The Podlove Subscribe Button
Go to the podcasts website Find the feed link and copy it Switch to a Podcast app and find out how to add a new subscription Paste the feed link and hope for the best :) In between the listener might need to find out what a feed actually is, where to find and install a suitable podcast app and might probably give up somewhere on the way...
How Podigee works: Downtime prevention
In the following paragraphs you will learn what we do to keep Podigee up at all times, make sure it always performs as you and we expect it to and what our plan B is if things go really wrong. Since launch, Podigee has had an availability close to 100% over the whole period. But that is not a coincidence. Chosing reliable Service Providers The first thing you need to build a reliable service is an even more reliable foundation.
Auphonic goes freemium, Podigee prices stay the same
As many of you might know we partner with Auphonic to provide our users the best automatic audio post-production there is. Auphonic up until recently provided their online service for free but switched to a freemium pricing model a few days ago. Their new model allows for processing of 2 hours for free per month, after that users have to pay an affordable fee. See the Auphonic pricing page to learn more.
Pricing simplifications
Today we removed the restrictions for how many podcasts can be created. Now every plan can have as many podcasts as needed. This also removes the limit of how many themes can be created. We think this makes it easier to find out which plan you need because it mainly depends on how many hours of audio content you produce per month and if you need higher audio bitrates for your productions.
Statement on the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability
As you might have heard, yesterday was a pretty bad day for secure communication on the internet. Due to a critical bug in the widely used OpenSSL library which is used to encrypt communication between your browser and a website it was possible to gain access to usernames, passwords and other confidential information. Podigee was also affected by this bug (as were many others like,, etc.). How was podigee.
Welcome to the Podigee Blog
Here we will talk about all aspects of podcasting in general and of course in relation to our Podcast Hosting Platform called We will discuss different aspects of what makes a podcast appealing to the listener and give tips how podcasters can improve their audience's experience. We're also always happy to cover topics you care most about. So if you have something you want us to write about, let us know.