Growing your brand by starting a podcast

How you can use the power of podcasting to get recognized as an expert in your field.

How you can use the power of podcasting to get recognized as an expert in your field.

Growing your brand by starting a podcast

Podcasts can be a powerful addition to your company's brand

Whether you already have an established business or are just starting a new endeavor, the benefits of a strong, known brand are clear. You want to be seen as an expert and authority in your field in order to increase the value of your business, attract new customers and retain your current ones. Let us take a look at how you can use podcasts to grow your brand.

Podcasts are direct and personal

While blogs and ads can be personal too, the true power of podcasting lies in the channel. Audio allows for a special kind of connection with the listener and allows you to build trust in your brand.

Podcasts increase web traffic

Yes, podcasts can be another way of getting people to visit your website or blog. Given the recurring format of podcasts, listeners tend to come back for more if they like your show. A survey conducted by Midroll, a podcast marketing company, discovered that 96% of their listeners listened to most or all episodes of a podcast.

Podcast audiences are educated and high-income

The same survey by Midroll discovered, that 51% of the listeners have a $50k+ income, and 62% have a college degree. This translates into an educated audience with enough disposable income to buy your products or services.

Being a podcaster equals being an expert

It is not trivial to create a high-quality podcast. They require research, preparation and a perfect understanding of the topics that are being discussed. People and companies who actually try and invest their time in producing good audio content become experts in their markets.

Podcasts, as a medium, are growing

Different market studies and surveys, like The Infinite Dial 2014 by Edison reasearch have discovered, that podcasting is on the rise, with audio podcast consumption growing 25% year-over-year.

How Podigee makes branding with podcasting easier

Podigee is a software as a service, which means, you don't have to rent a server, install complicated software and keep everything running. We take care of all the technical stuff, so you don't have to. We believe, that the time spent doing software maintenance is better spent creating awesome audio content and growing your brand with less effort.

Use Podigee's Website and Custom Theme Editor features

Once you start using Podigee, you get a website created automatically for your podcast. There are different themes you can choose from to start immediately. But in branding, corporate image and design is everything. You want people to recognize your brand immediately. This is why we offer a custom theme editor that allows you to take complete control over the look and feel of your website.

Use Podigee's Embedded Player feature

Sometimes, custom theming won't be enough. Some of our customers like to include their podcast episodes directly on their blog or website. This is where the embedded player functionality comes in handy. You use Podigee to upload and host your audio data, fill in the metadata. Then, you only need to copy a small snippet of code that is automatically generated for you in the Embed tab. This is how the embed player configuration looks like:


Don't have a Podigee account yet?

Podigee is an all-in-one, software-as-a-service solution for publishing your podcasts. You provide the audio and the metadata, and we take care of everything else, like generating a blog with an RSS feed, improving the audio quality of your show and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and without interruptions. Our interface is build to make the whole process easy, while providing you with best practices and recommendations. Also, you will get direct, personal support whenever you need it or feel stuck!

Start your brand podcast now with Podigee

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