Publishing your podcast on Samsung Podcasts


Samsung Podcasts is a new podcast platform from one of the largest smartphone brands in the world.

Podcasters love their platforms! More outlets for your podcast means more opportunities to get your podcast out there and to get heard by potentially thousands (or even millions!) of people all around the globe.


It is easy to connect the dots here: if you publish your podcast on Samsung Podcasts, you will increase your chances of finding more ears. With a market share of about 20% in the smartphone market, there is so much potential for the Samsung Free app to become one of the important platforms to publish your podcast on.

 Did you know? Samsung Free combines your TV, games, news, and podcasts into a preloaded, lag-less, and costless source of content you can access with a single rightward swipe.


Back in the day, when podcast listening platforms like iTunes were in their early days, publishing a podcast was a real hassle. Podcasters would have to manually craft their RSS feed and then submit it to the platforms! Ever heard of XML editing? By hand?

Happily enough, these days are over and nowadays podcasters have access to much more powerful tools. For example, the hosting & analytics service Podigee.


As a Podigee customer, you can submit your podcast to Samsung Podcasts with just a few clicks through your Podigee account, as you can with Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, Google Podcast, and Podimo. 

This feature (and many more) is available to all our customers right now. By using Podigee, it has never been easier to submit your podcast to Samsung Podcasts.

Start podcasting now!