Multiple user invitations and personalized messages to your private podcasts!

For all the users that appreciate and benefit from our Private podcasts feature, get ready to enjoy it even more! And for all those, who are not using them yet, two more arguments to try them out.

Whether you are a company that wants to share its private podcasts with its employees or a user that manages the access to his or her private podcasts, you can now do your magic in just a few clicks. With our new, improved interface you are not only able to invite multiple listeners in a jiffy but you can also personalize your invitation messages so that they stand out!

All you will need to invite your long list of listeners in one go is a list of comma-separated email addresses and your long-time favorite copy & paste technique! If you already have an excel file where you keep your listeners you can simply export it as a CSV (comma-separated values) and copy/paste its contents. If not, you can just type the email addresses manually and separate them with a comma. Nice and easy, right?


And as if that were not enough, along with saving you some precious time with this multiple user invitation feature, we have also given you the possibility to add a personalized message in your invitation email and make it more special and eye-catching for your listeners! Just compose your personalized message and see how it looks while you type it!


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