Podigee Ad Server: How you can use it in many different ways

You might have already heard about the brand new Podigee Dynamic Ad Server? If not, no problem. This is not about the ...

dynamic-ad-server-blog_post_3-1You might have already heard about the brand new Podigee Dynamic Ad Server? If not, no problem. This is not about the tool itself, but about what you can do with it. 

And I'll give you a quick hint: you can do a lot!

But let me give you a little summary of what the Ad Server and Dynamic Ad Insertion are and why behind such a technical term there is a solution for all your business and monetization interests around your podcast!


What is Dynamic Ad Insertion and the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server? 

Imagine you want to put an advertisement (Or something else. We'll get to that in a minute) in your podcast. This ad should be in the new episodes, but ideally in all past episodes as well.

That's a lot of work. Especially updating the old episodes. With the Ad Server, you now have the option to place fully automated ads or messages in the current, upcoming, and even past episodes. And all that with a few clicks. 

This automated insertion of changing (dynamic) content is Dynamic Ad Insertion and that's exactly what The Podigee Ad Server does. 


All you have to do is define once where you want the ad to be placed in the old and upcoming episodes, upload the ad message to the server and Podigee will automatically insert the message in the desired place.

And it doesn't matter which episode the listeners are consuming. Even the oldest Evergreen episodes contain the new advertising thanks to Dynamic Ad Insertion. 

You can also replace it with a new advertisement at any time. Sounds good? You don't know exactly what you need it for, do you? Maybe because you don't have a sponsor partner? 

No problem.

Let me briefly start with the classic sponsorship before I show you five other possible options. 

Sponsoring - The "Classic" for Ads

Although podcast monetization through advertisers and spoken ads are still relatively new in comparison, it is a classic concept. Simply because there is a real industry around it. 

Podcast sponsoring means that you record an ad for an advertising partner and then insert this "host read" into the appropriate parts of the podcast.


Here you can find a post about where to place the ads in the podcast.


Another alternative is to include audio previously produced by the advertising partner in the episode. 

With the ad server and the option to add advertisements to all episodes, not just the current ones, there is the potential for higher revenues simply because there is more "advertising space" to be found. 

Yeah, sponsorship is exciting, but there are a few other fields where you can use the ad server. 

Latest webinars, launches, and other time-sensitive promotions

Hosting a webinar to gather new leads or engage potential customers as part of a launch? Then you surely want all your podcast episodes to include the latest announcement, don't you? 

Alternatively, if the sale period for a particular product has started, you could add a daily countdown in your episodes. 

Once the event is over, you can insert an ad pointing out the waiting list for those who missed the deadline. 

That's the magic of dynamic ad insertion. 

New products or product features

If there is a new product in your product portfolio or if something changes in the features of individual products, then a special episode on this is useful. 

In addition to this, you can also put a few hints in all your episodes introducing this campaign with the latest releases or changes.

This is exciting, especially for SaaS companies that want to reach their customers with releases and updates. Or for many other industries, of course. 

Job openings and HR marketing

Ideal for corporate podcasts! Does the company have open positions or is it looking for working students? Before investing money in Indeed and Co., an ad for the listeners of the corporate podcast might be a good place to start. 


Cross-promote between different formats

Do you have multiple podcasts or manage a publishing or media company with multiple podcasts? If so, you can use a simple ad to promote another podcast from your company. 

Maybe you have heard it in podcasts of news publishers (e.g. the podcast of or Spiegel) that other episodes are referred to. This can be easily automated and can be done in just a few clicks. 

A few concluding thoughts

Yes, there is the classic sponsorship for ads, but the possibilities are much more diverse. 

Time-sensitive events, cross-promotion, finding new employees, or other advertisements are just a few examples of potential use cases. 

We were surprised at the many different podcasters who signed up for the beta of the ad server, and we're sure we'll see many more exciting use cases.

If you haven't tried Podigee yet, start now with our 14-day free trial!

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