How To Manage Your Podcast Production Team More Effectively

Podcast productions in professional media environments can get really complex. A large number of people get involved ...

Podcast productions in professional media environments can get really complex. A large number of people get involved with different roles and responsibilities. In this blog post we explain how you can manage roles and permissions for your users and podcasts effectively.

As podcast production teams expand, the demand for precise control over team members' responsibilities and access rights grows significantly. The fear of inadvertently or intentionally mishandling podcast management—ranging from episode creation, metadata handling, to account supervision—is a valid concern for many podcast producers. Recognizing this critical need, Podigee has dedicated months to developing an innovative role and rights management system, now seamlessly integrated into our platform.


To summarize it as briefly as possible, with the new role and rights management you get:

  • A clear overview of all active and invited members
  • The ability to add or remove members with just one click
  • The ability to specify who on your team should be able to manage other members
  • A high level of granularity of permissions, such as read, write, or publish permission per podcast
  • Permissions to control access to podcasts analytics per podcast
  • Extended control over account management
We understand that all this sounds abstract at first. So we hope that a short video will make this a little clearer:


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Based on your wishes and suggestions, which we receive every day, we have picked some examples of the benefits this could have for you.

We have an account with several podcasts on Podigee. Can we give individuals access to just one podcast?

Yes, only invite the participants to exactly one or several podcasts. He or she then only gets access to these podcasts and cannot see which podcasts you also manage or who is working on them.

By the way, we have also revised the registration process for your members. So when they register, they can already see that you invited them and they only have to fill out a tiny registration form.

An agency is helping us to market our podcast. Can we only give the agency access to the analytics?

Yes! There are separate permissions to read/view our analytics, not just per account, but per podcast. So you can not only work with one agency, but invite one agency per podcast that will help you with the success of your podcast.

And even better, the same also works for everything related to dynamic ad insertion.

We run a company podcast and in our company the release always has to be implemented by department XY. How can we implement this with Podigee?

Quite simply by only giving the employees of the desired department the right to release/publish. All other users are then no longer authorized to release an episode or, if desired, a complete podcast.

We want to strictly separate access to podcasts (editorial team) and payment data (finance). Is that possible?

Of course, all permissions are completely independent of each other. You can also easily invite members of your finance team. You don't need access to a podcast to do this. You just tick a box for them and they have access to all the data relevant to them, such as invoices. And the reverse works the same way. Uncheck the box for the editorial team and they will not have access to payment information and all related settings.

We use the collaborator feature and are happy with it. Do we have to switch to the new role and rights management?

Don't worry, both features are completely independent of each other. We will continue to develop both features in the future.


Do you have specific questions about the new options or would you like something added to the list? Just write to us!

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