How can I listen to a podcast?

In the series "Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started" we take a closer look at different aspects of ...

In the series "Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started" we take a closer look at different aspects of podcasting. In part 2 we will address the question of how to listen to podcasts.

How can I listen to a podcast?

Now that we have an overview of what podcasts are, I’m sure you’d like to hear some. You can do this on the websites of the respective providers, but the most suitable are podcatchers, which are podcast apps on your smartphone. On iPhones and iPads, the app Podcasts is already pre-installed. On Android, you can download Google Podcasts for free. Use these apps to subscribe to podcasts. It’s for free and means that new episodes are automatically downloaded to your device. On many podcast websites and in our web player, you’ll find a subscribe button, that lets you subscribe to the podcast directly in the app of your choice.

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Alternatively, you can search within the apps for the title of the podcast. If at some point you want to use an app with more features than Apple and Google, you can try for example these out:



Most podcast apps also have a directory and some editorially maintained recommendations. This is a good way to discover new podcasts.

By the way: Voice-controlled speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod can also play podcasts. For the Amazon platform there are so-called skills and for Google Home and HomePod you only have to give the corresponding voice command.

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Note: We did not receive any money or other consideration for mentioning podcasts, hardware or software in this article. The recommendations are based on personal experience or research and are of course not exhaustive.

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