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How do I create a podcast cover?

In the series "Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started" we take a closer look at different aspects of ...

In the series "Podcasts - everything you need to know to get started" we take a closer look at different aspects of podcasting. In Part 6, we'll show you how to design your own podcast cover.

How do I create a podcast cover?

The first thing potential listeners see of your podcast is the cover. That’s why it should be attractively designed. We’ll show you how you can do it yourself here.

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A podcast needs a cover, a square graphic that is the first visual flagship of your podcast.

Design it yourself or have it designed?

The answer to this question naturally depends on many factors. If you are starting your first podcast and consider it more of a hobby, a self-designed cover will certainly do, even if it is not perfect. But if the podcast should reach a lot of people and you want to earn money with it, the cover is very important. Because it’s usually the first thing potential listeners see of your podcast. In this case it might be worthwhile to hire a professional graphic designer.

What should I keep in mind when designing?

Technically, a resolution of 1400 x 1400 to 3000 x 3000 pixels and the format JPEG or PNG (without transparency) are given by Apple Podcasts, which we also recommend to implement.

Of course the graphic design of the cover is more exciting. The best way to get inspired is to look at the graphics from other podcasts on platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You have a lot of freedom in your design, but there are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • The cover should include the title of the podcast, as some platforms and apps only display the cover.
  • Be careful not to overload the cover. Since your cover is sometimes displayed very small next to many other podcast covers, it should still be easy to recognize and read.
  • If you have several podcasts or are part of a podcast network, this should also be expressed visually. This can be done either by placing a logo in a corner, or by using a similar design, such as always using the same font.

### Which software can I use for the design?

At this point, explaining how to use photo editors would go beyond the format. If you already have some experience with image editing, you can use Adobe Photoshop (Windows/macOS/iPadOS), Affinity Photo (Windows/macOS/iPadOS) or GIMP (Windows/macOS/Linux). Canva, which runs in a web browser, is also suitable for beginners.

### Where do I get photos and icons from?

There are also numerous providers who offer photos and graphics. A well-known free provider is Unsplash (best check if the photo can really be used). Examples of fee - based providers are Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. You can find countless icons at Flaticon.

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Note: We did not receive any money or other consideration for mentioning podcasts, hardware or software in this article. The recommendations are based on personal experience or research and are of course not exhaustive.

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