What are Global Education Podcasts?

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According to the latest study by Edison Research, education podcasts rank number 7 out of 19 in popularity among weekly listeners ages 13+. 

Do you have an education podcast or are thinking of starting one? Read on for some tips to help you stand out and make an impression on your listeners!

What are Global Education Podcasts?

How to make your education podcast stand out?

In today's digital era, education podcasts have become increasingly popular avenues for sharing knowledge and insights. You could have a teacher-led podcast, a student-created podcast, or a subject/expert specific podcast.

Whichever kind you choose to create, it's essential to find ways to make yours stand out. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Define a Unique Angle: Rather than covering broad educational topics, focus on a specific niche or angle within the education sector. For example, instead of discussing general teaching methods, explore innovative approaches for teaching STEM subjects in elementary schools. By defining a unique angle, you can attract a dedicated audience interested in your specialized content.

  • Feature Engaging Guests: Invite experts, thought leaders, and practitioners in the field of education to be guests on your podcast. These guests can provide valuable insights, share personal experiences, and offer practical tips that resonate with your audience. Interview-style episodes with engaging guests not only add credibility to your podcast but also make it more interesting and informative for listeners.

  • Offer Actionable Insights: Provide actionable takeaways and practical advice that listeners can apply in their educational pursuits or careers. Whether it's sharing effective study techniques, classroom management strategies, or career development tips, ensure that your content delivers tangible value to your audience. 

Standing out in the education podcast genre requires a combination of niche focus, engaging guests, and actionable insights. By implementing these strategies, you can create a podcast that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition.

Who is your target audience?

Identifying your target audience is central to attracting loyal, highly engaged listeners. People who listen to education podcasts can vary from young students, graduate-level students, or simply people with a passion to know more about the topic you cover. 

To identify the target audience for your education podcast, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What specific topics or subjects does my podcast cover?
  • Who would benefit most from this content (students, educators, parents, professionals)?
  • Where does my potential audience congregate online, and what are their demographics, interests, and preferences?

Once you answer these questions, you're positioned to create content that will support your goals and more effectively reach the kind of listener you want to attract.

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10 Sub-Genres of Global Education Podcasts

So within the three main types above we have taken a deeper dive into the world of global education podcasts again and further split education podcasts into ten further sub-genres. There are of course many more possibilities which is the fun thing that Podcasting is all about finding your own particular niche in the Podcast-World. So read on and create the podcast that has been missing.

what are Global Education Podcasts?

1. Exploratory and Mystifying Podcasts

These podcasts delve into enigmatic and lesser-known subjects, often hosted by experts in obscure fields, researchers, or storytellers with a knack for the mysterious. They attract listeners who are intrigued by the unexplained, enjoy unraveling puzzles, and have a thirst for knowledge that goes beyond conventional learning. These podcasts often feature deep dives into topics like paranormal phenomena, unexplained historical events, and cutting-edge scientific theories. They're perfect for those who love to challenge their understanding of the world and are not afraid to question what they know.

2. Myth Debunking Podcasts

Hosted by journalists, historians, or skeptics, these podcasts aim to dismantle popular myths and misconceptions. They attract a diverse audience, including history buffs, critical thinkers, and those who seek truth behind popular narratives. These podcasts often involve investigative journalism, expert interviews, and thorough research to uncover the facts behind widely held beliefs. They are ideal for listeners who value factual accuracy and enjoy having their preconceptions challenged.

3. Design and Invisible Forces Podcasts 

Exploring the hidden aspects of design and architecture, these podcasts are hosted by designers, architects, or experts in urban planning. They attract listeners who are curious about how design shapes our world, including professionals in the field and enthusiasts. These podcasts reveal the thought processes behind everyday objects and spaces, offering insights into the impact of design on our lives. They are ideal for those who appreciate the intersection of functionality, aesthetics, and human experience.

4. Educational Storytelling Podcasts

Blending education with storytelling, these podcasts are often hosted by educators, authors, or skilled storytellers. They attract listeners who enjoy learning through engaging narratives, including students, teachers, and families. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from historical events to scientific phenomena, presented in a way that is both informative and captivating. They are ideal for those who believe that stories are a powerful tool for learning.

5. Historical Storytelling Podcasts 

Hosted by historians, authors, or expert storytellers, these podcasts bring history to life through engaging narratives. They attract history enthusiasts, educators, and anyone interested in understanding the past in a more dynamic way. These podcasts often feature dramatic reenactments, expert commentary, and deep dives into lesser-known historical events. They are perfect for listeners who enjoy history presented as a compelling story, offering new perspectives on well-known and obscure historical episodes.

6. Career and Professional Development Podcasts

Aimed at professionals and job seekers, these podcasts are hosted by career coaches, industry experts, or successful professionals. They attract listeners looking for career advice, industry insights, and personal development tips. These podcasts often feature interviews with leaders in various fields, discussions on navigating the professional world, and advice on building a successful career. They are ideal for those who are ambitious, career-oriented, and seeking guidance in their professional journey.

7. Art and Culture Appreciation Podcasts

Exploring the world of art and culture, these podcasts are hosted by art historians, critics, or cultural commentators. They attract listeners who are passionate about art, interested in cultural phenomena, and eager to learn about different art forms. These podcasts often include discussions on art history, artist biographies, and the cultural significance of art in society. They are perfect for those who appreciate the diverse expressions of human creativity and want to deepen their understanding of art and culture.

8. Environmental Education and Sustainability Podcasts

Focused on environmental issues and sustainability, these podcasts are hosted by environmental activists, scientists, or educators. They attract listeners interested in conservation, climate change, and eco-friendly living. These podcasts often feature discussions on sustainable practices, interviews with environmental leaders, and tips for making a positive impact on the planet. They are ideal for those who are environmentally conscious and want to be informed about the challenges and solutions related to our natural world.

9. Mindfulness and Mental Health Educational Podcasts

These podcasts, centered on mental well-being, are hosted by mental health professionals, mindfulness practitioners, or individuals with personal experiences in mental health. They attract listeners seeking guidance on mental health, stress management, and personal growth. These podcasts often include expert advice, discussions on emotional intelligence, and practical tips for improving mental health. They are perfect for those who prioritize their mental and emotional well-being and seek support and insights on their journey to self-improvement.

10. Literature and Book Discussion Podcasts 

Delving into the world of literature, these podcasts are hosted by literary scholars, authors, or avid readers. They attract book lovers, students of literature, and those interested in literary criticism and discussion. These podcasts often explore themes, authorial intent, and the cultural impact of various literary works. They are ideal for those who love to dive deep into the world of books and enjoy thoughtful discussions about literature.


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What are global education podcasts?


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