All our annual plans have a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!




per month when paid yearly
or $17 monthly



per month when paid yearly
or €15 monthly
  • Valid podcast feeds for Apple Podcasts / iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer & more
  • Basic podcast analytics
  • up to 20,000 downloads & streams per month
  • Embedded web player
  • Website for your podcast with comments on episodes
  • Or use your own website
  • Wordpress plugin
  • Create promo videos for social media (with Headliner)
  • List your podcast on Spotify in 1 hour
  • unlimited audio storage
  • 1 podcasts with its own RSS feed
  • 4 hours of audio encoding per month
  • Human customer support

Ideal for:

  • Hobby
  • Private customers




per month when paid yearly
or $33 monthly



per month when paid yearly
or €29 monthly
  • Everything from Basic +
  • Advanced analytics
  • up to 50,000 downloads & streams per month
  • Choose higher audio qualities
  • Up to 2 team members with their own login
  • Multitrack productions
  • Customizable audio algorithms
  • Bring your own domain
  • 2 podcasts, each with its own RSS feed
  • a total of 6 hours of audio encoding per month
  • Automated transcripts
    ($0.12 / 0,10€ per minute extra)

Ideal for:

  • Self-employed
  • Small companies & startups
  • NGOs


More infos
Individual offer


Individual offer


Individual offer
  • Everything from Advanced +
  • Professional analytics with data export and Listener Insights
  • unlimited downloads & streams
  • whitelabel podcast player with custom branding
  • dynamic ad-insertion (including Spotify)
  • Priority customer support
  • strategy consultation with a podcast expert
  • onboarding and training for employees
  • Unlimited team members with their own login
  • 2 podcasts, each with its own RSS feed (+ upgrade option)
  • up to 20 hours of audio encoding per month
  • private podcasts with password protection
  • publishing API
  • Need more?

Ideal for:

  • Businesses & Enterprises
  • Podcast labels & producers
  • Popular podcasts
  • Branded podcasts

No credit card needed

Podigee for Professionals and Business

For labels, media and production companies, branded and private podcasts.

Features and FAQ

Detailed feature list and frequently asked questions

  For more information, click the links Basic Advanced Professional
Payment via invoice (monthly, quarterly, yearly) (extra)

Companies using the business plan have the possibility to post-pay after receiving the invoice.

For private clients

As a private client you'll find Podigee being a helpful partner on your first steps in the exciting world of podcasts.

For SMBs

Small and medium sized businesses feel right at home with Podigee. We support you running your business and know your requirements.

For professionals and production agencies

Podcast professionals and production agencies as demanding customers will find Podigee a reliable partner for the long run and plenty of advanced features.

For corporations
Podcast-migration from other hosting companies (priority)

If you already have one or more podcasts and want to move them to Podigee, we will help you move them over. Our process makes sure you do not loose your existing subscribers. We will need your current RSS-feed address. The import will take a couple of hours up to one day (depending on the amount of content). After the import we will help you redirect the old feed address to your new Podigee feed.

Valid RSS-Feed

Our Feeds are Apple Podcasts-, Google-Play-, Spotify- and Deezer-compatible. We also support the newer Apple Podcasts-tags like seasons and episode-types (full, trailer, bonus).

Basic podcast-website

All our podcasts come with an optional website on a subdomain of The website is automatically updated with the latest content. Our podcast web player and subscribe button are of course also part of the websites.

Use your own website

Every podcast on Podigee comes with it's own website. If you already have an existing website, we make it easy to use it with your Podigee podcast by making sure your listeners are always directed to your website instead of the included one.

Bring your own domain

You can use your own domain for your feed and podcast website. So instead of your podcast would run on

WordPress plugin for external websites

With the Podigee WordPress Quick Publish plugin you can publish new podcast episodes a lot faster on your external blog.

Scheduled publishing

With Podigee you don't have to get up at 5 in the morning to publish your episodes. Just choose the right date and time in our interface and your new episode will go live at exactly that time.

Automatic posting to social media (Facebook and Twitter)

Every time you publish a new episode we can automatically post an update with the link to the episode to Facebook and Twitter for you.

List your podcast on Spotify

Since 2016 Spotify has its own podcast directory. With Podigee, as an official Spotify-partner, we make it as easy as possible for you to submit your podcast and make sure you don't have to wait long until it's available there.

Publish your podcast on YouTube

Increase your reach by publishing your podcast episodes on YouTube. Your episode audio will be converted to a YouTube compatible video automatically and uploaded to your channel withour any additional work on your side.

Headliner audiograms

Make an audiogram for your podcast's episodes with just a few clicks: for this handy video snippet, you'll combine a audio segment from an episode with an image as well as a "dancing" wave form. The result is a short video that's a real eyecatcher – but also is well suited to tease your audience in the social networks ... and all of that is available directly within your episode sttings in your Podigee account.

Embeddable web-player

Our podcast web-player is optimized for playing podcasts on the web. You can find more about it here.

Customizable, white-label web-player (as extra)

With a paid upgrade, you can personalize the Podigee podcast player completely (as opposed to changing only the colors).

Chaptermarks (incl. importing from a file)

Chaptermarks make it easy to navigate quickly between different topics in an episode and finding content again later. The Podigee podcast player as well as a lot of mobile and desktop podcast apps support chaptermarks today.

Audio-optimization with Auphonic (configurable)

Auphonic is a service that improves the audio quality of your episodes. Podigee has Auphonic integrated so you do not need a separate account there of need to worry about which settings to use.

Unlimited storage

You get unlimited storage for your audio files (fair usage policy applies). This means that you can have as many episodes per podcast as you want, without paying extra.

Number of podcast shows with individual feeds 1 2 2+

A podcast or podcast show can contain an unlimited amount of episodes. If you want to increase your limit, please drop us a line and we will decide case by case if it's possible within your chosen plan.

Audio-Encoding (hours per month) 4 6 20+

Every month you start with a fresh allotment of encoding time. At Podigee we do not measure audio by megabytes, but by minutes of audio you upload and encode through us.

Additional encoding time (per hour) $6 / €5 $6 / €5 $6 / €5

If you have a month where you need additional encoding time you can add additional encoding time without having to change you plan.

Higher audio-qualities

Standard audio-quality: MP3 112kbps, AAC 80kbps. Perfect for conversations and interviews.

Higher audio-qualities:

  • Better audio-quality: MP3 128kbsp, AAC 96kbps, perfect for conversations und music.
  • Best audio-quality: MP3 160kbps, AAC 112kbps, for demanding productions.
Multi-Track audio upload

Many podcasts are recorded in multiple tracks. You can upload those separate tracks to Podigee to improve the quality improvements with Auphonic as well as the transcripts.

Basic analytics

Basic analytics


Pro analytics

With pro analytics you get everthing from the basic analytics and additional details about file formats, download sources, devices and operating systems.

Podigee Advanced Stats

You will also find geo information arranged on a map

Podigee Advanced Stats - Countries


Automatic transcription + $0.12 / 0,10€ per minute + $0.12 / 0,10€ per minute

You can enable automatic transcription per podcast. Every time you encode a new episode, we will also create a transcript of it.

Support and help (knowledge base, email)

All our customers enjoy our world-class support. With us you'll never walk alone through podcast valley. Through years of experience in the podcast business we can support you in almost every aspect of podcasting.

Premium / Business Support

Our premium / business support is an addition to our normal support offering. If you have special demands or have a bigger team using Podigee we recommend using this to get higher prioritized handling of requests and optional phone support (on appointment basis).

Teams (2 team members) (unlimited team members)

Teams of podcast producers are very welcome at Podigee. This allows you to have multiple people working on the same podcasts without having to share an account. You can invite people to collaborate on your podcast.

Clone podcasts and episodes

If you produce a lot of content you might want to re-use some of it in a different podcast. With Podigee you can easily copy episodes or even a whole podcast.

Podcast networks

Podcast networks are a bunch of podcasts grouped under the same roof. Podcast networks get a master feed with all episodes from all podcasts in it and a special website.

API (programming interface) (extra)

If you have an existing CMS or want to automate your publishing workflow even more, we've got you covered. With our API you can read and write all information you would normally edit manually in our interface and also encode and publish episodes.

Protected and internal podcasts (extra)

More and more companies use podcasts as an internal communication tool. With our access control and password protected feeds allow you to distribute feeds that should not be accessible for everyone.

Dynamic ad-insertion (extra)

Monetize your podcast using dynamic ads. Contact us to learn more about our adtech solutions.

No credit card needed


Included in every standard plan

  • World-class support. We answer all the inquiries personally, and do not outsource the support team. We speak English, German, Spanish & Polish.
  • Fair traffic (fair usage policy applies). If your podcast has more than 50k downloads per month, you should contact us for a custom, professional plan
  • Apple Podcasts / iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, and Spotify compatible RSS feeds
  • As an official Spotify partner, we allow you to publish your podcast directly on Spotify, with short wait time
  • Automatic audio transcoding
  • Audio quality improvement with Auphonic
  • Podcast website
  • Subdomain for your podcast
  • Media files served through our fast CDN
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No credit card needed


Frequently asked questions


How are "hours of audio encoding" calculated?

When you upload an audio file, we look at its length in minutes. Once the file gets encoded, this number of minutes is subtracted from your monthly quota.


What happens when I go over my quota?

If you occasionally hit your monthly encoding limit, you can easily buy additional one-time encoding hours, without having to upgrade immediately to a more expensive plan.


Can I configure Auphonic settings?

In some plans, you can edit the algorithms and also configure them like you would on Auphonic.


Will my files expire?

No. Everything you upload and publish stays online until you unpublish or delete it yourself. We promise!


Can I migrate an existing podcast?

Of course! Actually we'll do it for you, for free, without using up your monthly quota. Just contact us and we'll set you up.


How many podcasts can I create? How does having multiple podcasts affect the quota?

You can add as many podcasts as your package allows, but you there are no limits on the amount of episodes per podcast. The number of minutes per month is shared across all of them.


Can I upload high-res (raw) audio files?

Yes! Actually, you should upload files at the highest quality possible. Quality enhancement and transcoding are included in every plan.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and if you pay in euros, we accept payment with SEPA. If you'd like to pay with a different method, please contact us and we'll work it out!

A platform made for content creators

We handle the technical side of podcasting, you create excellent content

Start podcasting right now

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The Podigee Podcast Web Player

The best thing that can happen to a podcast on the web

Podigee offers the best podcast web player on the market with all the basic and many advanced features you won't get anywhere else.

  • Embeddable
  • Themeable
  • Mobile-ready
  • Chapter mark support
  • Transcript support
  • Back catalog playlist
  • Social sharing
The Podigee Podcast Web Player


Produce your podcast with others

With Podigee, multiple people can work on a podcast together.

  • No additional cost
  • Easy invitation via email
  • Share workload in podcast teams
  • Perfect environment for podcast coaching
  • Efficient teamwork for corporate podcasts

Start podcasting right now

See how your audience grows

Detailed statistics show you how many downloads your episodes have gotten

  • Download analytics for podcasts and single episodes
  • Client and platform overviews
  • Advanced date explorer
See how your audience grows

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