How To Start a Podcast: the Definitive Guide [2024]

Podcast popularity is at an all-time high. As of 2024, an estimated 120 million people have listened to a podcast episode within the past month–higher numbers than the industry has seen since its start in 2008.

It's a great time to launch a podcast. But starting one as a beginner can feel overwhelming, especially if you're going at it alone.

At Podigee, we believe that the right roadmap makes all the difference. By following a blueprint, the process of launching a podcast can be straightforward and enjoyable, helping you reach your goals faster and avoid common mistakes along the way. 

That's why our team pulled together our collective years of experience to create this step-by-step guide and give you a breakdown of all the podcasting basics you need to stay organized, tap into your creativity, and create consistently high-quality content your listeners will love.

We divided this guide into 10 topics that give you everything you need to confidently create, launch, and expand your podcast! 

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