Podigee Presents: Podcast Listener Insights

We're announcing our largest and most impactful analytics upgrade so far and it's called "Listener Insights"

Podigee Presents: Podcast Listener Insights

Few times have we been so excited to announce a new feature like today’s.

Podcast analytics are known to be rather difficult to get right and there isn’t a lot of information available in order to get meaningful information.

In August 2019, when we released our new analytics upgrade (the largest single feature release since the first non-beta Podigee release in 2014!) we knew that we had to get it done right.

This is why we not only created a technical whitepaper, that has been exceptionally received by our customers and partners, but also invested a lot of time and brain power (and money!) to get the most out of the data available at hand. All this while respecting the restrictive European data protection policies (GDPR) and keeping listener’s data private and safe.

Presenting: Listener Insights

Today, we’re announcing our largest and most impactful analytics upgrade so far and it’s called “Listener Insights”.

In it’s most basic form it allows you to know how many unique listeners your podcast got during a certain time period and how many subscriber your podcast has. This is already huge! This feature will become available later today to all our customers on a current plan (Basic or higher).

But there’s more: if you are a user with the plan “Advanced”, you’re also going to know how many of your episodes your listeners have listened to.


Podigee for Professionals

And now for the most exciting addition to our feature offering. Ever wondered what other podcast categories or even podcasts your listeners also listen to? As a customer of Podigee for Professionals now you can! As the largest podcast provider in Germany, we also have access to the largest directory of German-speaking podcasts.


Through a series of smart data points and algorithms we can now find out what other podcasts and podcast categories are popular among your listeners. This is extremely valuable information for you to understand better your audience, and to make your marketing and monetization efforts more effective.

Never before has this kind of information been available on the German market. And rest assured, there will be more listener insights coming in the next months!

Don’t have a Podigee account yet? Check out our offering here and start enjoying the most innovative podcast hosting and analytics platform on the market.