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Reusable text snippets

Text snippets allow you to store and reuse text building blocks across your different episodes. No more manual copy&pasting from your notes app! Just...


Your Podcasts on Podimo

Welcome Podimo as our latest export platform family member! Podimo is not only a fast growing podcasting provider with a great app and some cool...


Publish podcasts like a pro

We improved the Podigee user interface when publishing an episode and will from now on update your metadata in the background without any additional...


Automatic Podcast Transcripts beta

Automatic transcripts powered by Auphonic are coming to Podigee! Get your podcast transcripted with no extra steps and for the fraction of the cost...


How Podigee works: Downtime prevention

In this series we explain how Podigee works. This time we talk about the measures we have in place to make sure Podigee is always available to you...

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