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The Podigee Ad Marketplace is the largest marketplace for automated podcast advertising in Germany.

As a podcaster, you can start earning money with just 10,000 downloads per month.

As an advertiser, you can book a campaign in hundreds of German podcasts.

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Podigee Ad Marketplace - Earn Money on Autopilot

You create great new episodes week after week, bringing value, entertainment, and knowledge to the world.

Now it's time for you to get rewarded for it!

Podigee Podcast Advertising


Are you looking to advertise in German podcasts?

Podigee's Audiomarktplatz is the central hub for advertisers, brands, and products wanting to discover and utilize effective podcast advertising on the German market.

With over 30 million monthly bookable ad impressions with announcer reads, it is the largest, single podcast advertising network for automated ads in Germany and German-speaking markets.

We are open for international advertisers and will happily consult you on advertising in the German podcast market.

Please contact us to learn more.


The Podigee Ad Marketplace is ideal for those who...

...run their podcast out of passion and want to earn money in addition to gaining fans and followers
...want to turn their podcast into a business model to generate scalable income
podigee ad marketplace
...are self-employed and want to use the podcast both as a self-promotion tool and as an additional source of income

...already have advertising partners but would prefer to automate the acquisition process due to time constraints.

Okay, got it. What should I do next?


Activate Monetization on Podigee
If you’re already a Podigee customer, great! If not, create your account here.

In the first step, activate monetization through the Podigee Ad Marketplace in your personal Podigee account. This sets the stage for the right advertising partners to find their way to you.

In the meantime, Podigee analyzes the optimal number of ad slots you should incorporate into your episodes.


Categorize Your Podcast Correctly

In the second step, add ad-relevant categories to your podcast, allowing companies to decide if their advertised product fits the theme of your podcast. Of course, you can also exclude certain categories of ads entirely.

Later, you can also exclude specific episodes from monetization if you don’t want ads in them, such as episodes with sensitive topics or when you’ve secured an exclusive advertising partner.



After Brief Review, You're Ready to Go

Finally, we’ll check if your podcast meets the criteria for successful monetization and then approve it.

After approval and setting the ad markers (the points where ads will be placed in your podcast), your podcast is ready, and the search for suitable advertising partners begins. It may take a few days for the first bookings for your podcast category to come in, so please allow for a ramp-up period of a few days.


IAB Measurement Independent Certificate Podigee

Podigee Is IAB certified

Through IAB certification, we ensure accurate, transparent, and consistent podcast measurements. This validation provides podcasters, advertisers, and stakeholders with the confidence that our metrics and data are trustworthy, can be used for informed decisions, and are 100% reliable.

You can view the public report on our certification here.
Detailed technical information about the guidelines can be found here.

An overview of the Podcast Compliance List, including Podigee's inclusion, can be found at the IAB Tech Lab.