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Top 5 Benefits from attending a Podcast Conference
Podcasting has rapidly transformed from a niche hobby to a vibrant, influential medium with global reach. With this evolution, the importance of connecting with fellow podcasters, industry experts, and enthusiasts has become paramount. Enter podcast conferences – immersive events tailored for podcasters of all levels. In this blog, we'll delve into the top five reasons why you should consider attending a podcast conference, whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out. So, step away from your microphone for a moment and step into a world where ideas flow freely, connections flourish, and growth is inevitable.
7 Reasons why your company needs a Podcast
In today's digital age, where attention spans are shorter than ever and competition for consumer engagement is fierce, incorporating podcasting into your company's marketing strategy has become crucial. Podcasting offers a unique and powerful medium to captivate and connect with your target audience, allowing you to share your brand's story, industry expertise, and valuable insights in an engaging and relatable format. By leveraging the popularity of podcasting platforms and embracing this dynamic audio experience, your company can enhance brand visibility, establish thought leadership, foster meaningful relationships, and differentiate itself from competitors. In this fast-paced and content-saturated world, podcasting has emerged as a transformative tool that can drive brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately, business growth.
Streamline Your Podcast Production with Podigee: Tips and Tools for Efficiency
Podcasts have surged in popularity as a medium for sharing knowledge, entertainment, and engaging conversations. However, producing a podcast involves more than just recording. It requires careful planning, organization, and efficient production techniques to deliver a seamless and captivating listening experience. In this blog post, we will explore how Podigee, a comprehensive podcast hosting and production platform, can help you streamline your workflow and create high-quality content efficiently.
Podcast IAB Compliance and Certification Explained
What is IAB certification? In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of Podigee’s IAB certification and explore the multitude of benefits it brings to podcasters, advertisers, and listeners. With Podigee's unwavering commitment to IAB standards, you can take your podcasting endeavors to new heights. In the thriving podcasting landscape, selecting a hosting platform that meets industry standards and delivers exceptional results and metrics is paramount to success.
From Follower to Fan - Podcast Community Building
Navigating the High Seas of Podcasting with Chat-GPT
The perfect Call-to-Action (CTA) for your podcast
Podigee Ad Server: How you can use it in many different ways
Here are the prices for the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server (+Tutorial)
How to Earn Money with Podcasts in 2022
How to replace ads using the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server?
Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads - What are they and how to use them?
Brand new Podigee role and rights management
Podcast productions are becoming more and more complex. This is accompanied by an increase in the number of people involved with very different requirements and responsibilities. We are very proud that we can present a feature that allows you to manage roles and permissions for your users and podcasts - as simply as possible and as detailed as necessary - today.
Improved recognition value with an intro
What makes your podcast outstanding? What should be the first your listeners hear, when they are listening to the newest or one of your older episodes? You would like to introduce yourself or the podcast at the beginning of each episode, but you don't want to record it again and again? Make your life easier then and record an intro once and we will take care of everything else.
Multiple user invitations and personalized messages to your private podcasts!
Publishing your podcast on Samsung Podcasts
Reusable text snippets
Episode descriptions and show notes play a central role when publishing new episodes – they give your listeners the insights needed to understand what they are going to get – or miss if they don’t tune in!
Enhance your podcast experience with a fresh look
Welcome Podimo as our latest export platform family member. Podimo is growing podcast app with some cool discoverability features. More importantly: it could enable a new revenue stream for podcasters.
Publish podcasts like a pro
The power of the community: How to make money with memberships as a podcaster
Corporate Podcasting 2/2: Examples of successful company podcasts
Corporate Podcasting 1/2: When is it worthwhile for a company to have its own podcast
Recommendations for recording hardware - from professionals for beginners
Use the right tools to record podcasts (and Avoid Mistakes) - Part 2
Recording Online Podcasts with the Right Tools (and Avoiding Mistakes) - Part 1
Anyone who produces podcasts knows the typical technical challenges that lurk in the background, such as background noise, interrupted connections or microphones that are suddenly no longer recognized by the PC's system control. The most important part of every recording is the excellent quality. But how is this achieved? Especially in times of #StayAtHome, when we cannot meet our podcast guests face to face?
Which software do you need for recording and editing your podcast?
How a Google Chrome update could affect on your podcast web player
Part 4: Voice Search - Optimizing podcasts for Voice Assistants
Part 3: Podcast transcripts - Become visible on Google
Before you give up on your podcast: Have you (really) thought about everything?
Part 2: Podcast SEO - Find the right keywords
Podcast marketing with SEO - Strategically increasing reach
Full control and Dynamic Ad Insertion - thanks to Spotify Passthrough
Podigee Presents: Podcast Listener Insights
How do I publish a podcast?
How do I create a podcast cover?
Music and jingles for podcasts
Podsights presents Open Downloads for Podcasts - here's what we think about it
How do I edit an audio file?
The future of podcast analytics - available today!
How do I record a podcast?
How can I listen to a podcast?
New categories on Apple Podcasts
What is a podcast?
10 tips on how to improve your podcast reach today
Apple introduces new podcast categories
Podcasting is dead. Long live the podcast!
How Podcasters Can Use Twitch To Grow Their Audience
Ten reasons why you should integrate podcasts into your online marketing mix in 2018
Automatic Podcast Transcripts beta
Podigee Podcast Player is now enabled for all accounts
Apple reveals iTunes Podcast Connect
WTF podcasting: The iTunes Podcast Directory - What it is and why you need it
Podcast Transcripts - How To Create Transcripts Of Your Podcasts
Podcast Transcripts - Why every podcast needs them
Growing your brand by starting a podcast
Add metadata to your podcast to increase your listener base
What defines good podcast hosting?
Dave Jackson, podcast coach, book author and most certainly a well known podcaster, has a post on his blog named "What I Look For in A Media Host". In 7 points Dave describes what he considers to be a good podcast media host. Here is, point by point, how Podigee holds up to his criteria and if not, why.
Introducing the new Podigee podcast statistics system
Start podcasting with your iPhone, Dropbox and Podigee
How To Subscribe To a Podcast: The Podlove Subscribe Button
How Podigee works: Downtime prevention
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