The Podigee Dynamic Ad Server

Maximize your revenue with dynamic ad insertion. Quickly replace ads and sponsor messages on your entire back catalog of content without manually editing audio files. Leverage your reach and effectively monetize your content today!

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Dynamic ads in only 3 steps


To place an ad, simply select the ad position (pre/mid/post-roll) within the episode.

You can review the performance of your ads and export them for yourself or your sponsors in the analytics section.

You can monetize your entire podcast by dynamically replacing the ads, all in one place.

The Podigee Dynamic Ad Server lets you manage and monetize your podcasts all in one place. You can upload and distribute your content, track its performance, and generate revenue without having to switch between different tools. 

How can this benefit you?

  • You can add and remove the ads anytime. With a few clicks you can choose where to place the ads (pre/post/mid-roll).


  • You can place different ads in different spots across different episodes. The sky is the limit.


  • Track the performance of your ad campaigns, export the numbers and send them to your next sponsors.  with a single click.
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Video tutorial of the Dynamic Ad Server:

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