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Podcast IAB Compliance and Certification Explained

What is IAB certification? In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of Podigee’s IAB certification and ...

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What is IAB certification?

In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of Podigee’s IAB certification and explore the multitude of benefits it brings to podcasters, advertisers, and listeners. With Podigee's unwavering commitment to IAB standards, you can take your podcasting endeavors to new heights. In the thriving podcasting landscape, selecting a hosting platform that meets industry standards and delivers exceptional results and metrics is paramount to success.

What does IAB stand for?

Founded in 1996 early in the days of the internet. IAB stands for the Interactive Advertising Bureau. It is an influential industry organization that plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape of digital advertising and marketing. With its extensive reach and global presence, IAB serves as a leading authority in the industry, providing valuable guidelines, standards, and research to help advertisers, agencies, media companies, and technology providers navigate the ever-evolving digital advertising ecosystem. By establishing common frameworks and practices, IAB ensures consistency and interoperability across the industry, allowing advertisers and publishers to collaborate seamlessly.


What are the IAB Podcast Measurement guidelines?

IAB has developed the Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, which outline standardized methods for measuring podcast downloads, plays, and other engagement metrics. These guidelines help podcast hosting platforms and advertisers to accurately gauge the reach and effectiveness of their campaigns. By providing a consistent measurement framework, IAB empowers podcasters and advertisers to make informed decisions based on reliable data, enabling them to better understand their audience and optimize their content and advertising. Lets look at one example of their data measurements below:

Criteria needed to be classed as an IAB compliant download 

  • For a download to be IAB compliant, your show must be played for a total of one minute (defined by byte range).
  • If someone listens to an episode it’s classed as one download, even if they listen to that episode twenty times within a 24 hour period.
  • If after 24 hours, they listen again, it is counted as a brand new download.
  • If they were to play the first half an hour of an episode, pause it, and then resume the episode an hour later, that would still only be classed as one download.


Podigee vIAB mid text blog


Why is it cool that Podigee is certified?

Podigee, being IAB certified, places great emphasis on establishing and upholding industry standards. With their adherence to IAB guidelines and best practices, podcasters hosted on Podigee can rest assured that their podcasts benefit from accurate and consistent measurement of downloads, plays, and engagement metrics. This wealth of reliable data empowers podcasters, advertisers, and agencies to make informed decisions, gain valuable insights into their audience, and optimize their content and advertising strategies with confidence. By partnering with Podigee, you align your podcasting efforts with the highest industry standards, positioning yourself for success.


What’s in it for me as a publisher?

Transparency and trust are vital components of effective podcast advertising, and Podigee's IAB certification serves as a testament to our commitment to both. By adhering to IAB standards for podcast ad placement Podigee creates a trustworthy advertising ecosystem that resonates with both advertisers and listeners. This transparent approach attracts reputable brands and advertisers, opening the doors to exciting collaborations and monetization opportunities. With Podigee's IAB certification, you can confidently showcase your podcast to advertisers, knowing that you are part of a hosting platform that prioritizes integrity and credibility.

Podigee's IAB certification is yet another thing that sets them apart from their competitors as an exceptional podcast hosting platform.

  • You can access the Public Report regarding Podigee’s certification here. 
  • Find detailed technical information about the IAB guidelines here.
  • For an overview of the Podcast Compliance list, including Podigee's inclusion, please visit IAB Tech Lab. There, you can explore the comprehensive list and verify Podigee's presence within it.

Now our measurable commitment to industry standards, trust, transparency, listener experience, and monetization potential makes us an ideal partner for podcasters looking to elevate their game. As an IAB certified podcast hosting company, we go above and beyond to ensure professionalism, credibility, and an outstanding listening experience.


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