Podcasting is dead. Long live the podcast!

In a talk Dave Taylor presented our vision of the future of audio. He thinks we need to serve the audience better.

Podcasting is dead. Long live the podcast!

Last week Dave Taylor held a talk about Podigee’s idea of the future of audio. In his presentation at re:publica 19, a conference with focus on digital society and developments in Berlin, he compared Podcasts with the music and radio industry and showed the enormous potential of spoken on demand audio.

Listen to a recording of the talk:

According to the Reuters Digital News Report 2018 33 % of the population in the United States accessed a podcast in the past month and 22 % of the people in Germany.

Podcast listeners percent per country This leaves a high number of people who don’t listen to podcasts yet. Dave’s advice:

"They’re not coming to us. We have to go to them. If we want our voices to be heard by this massive, massive market we need to come to them and say 'Hey guys, try listening to this.'"

He also says people are more picky with which media they’re giving attention to: “If I spend all this time focused on one thing I’m losing out on all these other things I could be trying and maybe they are even better.” One solution would be to use shorter segments because they’re less intimidating than a 2.5 hours episode says Dave. In addition better metadata could help people finding content that is relevant to them.



We published a manifesto with our ideas for the future of spoken word audio. Feel free to share it and tell us what you think. We’d like to discuss it! You can email us at hello@podigee.com.


You want more?

Philip Banse from dctp.tv interviewd Dave Taylor at re:publica 19. Here’s the video: