Here are the prices for the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server (+Tutorial)

Dear Podigee users: Today is a great day for the Podigee community and of course for us as the Podigee Team. We would ...


Dear Podigee users: Today is a great day for the Podigee community and of course for us as the Podigee Team. We would like to announce to you the pricing model for the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server.

But first, we'd like to show you our vision and mission for the new product feature, because it has a lot going on. At Podigee, we are not only here to make it easy for you to start your own podcast. We also want to be your partner for everything that comes after the podcast launch. 

For example: Podcast Monetisation


The BIG development in the podcast scene

One of the most important developments in the podcast environment is to make money a.k.a. monetise the podcast with advertising and advertising partners.

To make this easy and efficient for you, we have developed the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server. With this product feature, you can control when and where advertising or other content is played in your episode. 

With a few clicks! 

A snap! 

Until now, there were two ways to add advertising or promotions to episodes. The expensive solution and the time-consuming solution:

  • The expensive solution: you use a third-party advertising provider that connects to your podcast and allows you to add rotating ads to your podcast. These third-party solutions usually cost more than 10,000 EUR per year and are therefore far too expensive for beginners in the ads field. Additionally, these ads are very complex to use and require some time to get used to. If you remember your first Facebook Ads attempts, you know what I mean.
  • The time-consuming solution: Obviously, you could manually cut ads into each existing episode. With a new import into the Hoster, this takes about 3-4 minutes per episode (tested for you). If I do this for the last 20 episodes only, then I easily need 1.5 hours per ad, because it's also a really boring task. You'll never get your lifetime back. You can always hand this task over to someone else, but then it will cost you money.

But there's the third option through the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server. You remember...a few clicks...a snap.

How is the price for the Ad Server calculated?

With Podigee, dynamically inserting ads is much cheaper and easier. When one of your listeners hears the ad (and only then), it counts as a delivery. You can book 1000 deliveries packages in advance in your Podigee account. 

There is no fixed usage fee or anything. You only pay for the deliveries in the ad server - nothing more! 

By the way, the Ad Server is available from the Advanced package. Here are the prices:

  • Advanced package: 8 EUR net / 1000 deliveries
  • Business package: 2 EUR net / 1000 deliveries
  • Professional package: 1,20 EUR net / 1000 deliveries

What if the delivery credit is over? 

In that case, the ads will be removed from the episodes. But don't worry, we will inform you before that happens. This gives you enough time to book new deliveries.

Stay tuned for our upcoming improvements!

Boom! The first deliveries are on us!

It doesn't matter if you choose the Trial, Basic, Advanced, Business or Professional package. You get your first deliveries from us free of charge. Just to try it out once. 

Step on the gas and maybe get a partner or sponsor for your podcast on board! ;)

Okay, so how does the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server work?

The setup and the analytics are very easy and we have an overview tutorial from Marcel in this video, which you may already know. In this video (Only available in German, for now) we give you, among other things, an overview of how to set up the mid-roll. 

Have fun with it. 

If you haven't tried Podigee yet, start now with our 14-day free trial!

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