The Podigee Dynamic Ad Server Pricing

Plan and control your podcast ads and campaigns with the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server. It is so intuitive to use it feels like magic.

dynamic ad server pricing
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With the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server, you pay for the ad deliveries and nothing else. There is no fixed or hidden usage fee.


The Dynamic Ad Server is available with the Podigee tiers Advanced and Business Pro.

Simple Pricing

Advanced Plan


per 1000 ad deliveries

Business Pro Plan


per 1000 ad deliveries

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The first deliveries are on us!

Yes, you read that right. The first deliveries are free of charge. Try Podigee now and start planning and managing your ads efficiently.

You can easily buy new deliveries any time through your Podigee account.

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Plan, manage and monetize your ads easily with the Dynamic Ad Server

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