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With Catalog Analytics, you can compare and analyze the data of all your podcasts in one single place. With only a few clicks you can select a few podcasts or all of them to get an aggregated view of your entire podcast catalog.

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Best performing episodes and podcasts, at a glance

As your content catalog grows, managing multiple podcasts and analyzing the data of each podcast individually becomes tedious and time consuming.

With Catalog Analytics, you gather the insights of all of your podcasts and episodes in one single place, without the tedious work. 

Compare and analyze your podcast insights in the simplest way.

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Find out the total number of downloads and streams of all your podcasts, compare performance numbers, get the top 5 of the best episodes and so much more.


Select the podcasts you are interested in and get all the data and insights.


Check the most relevant data that may be useful to you.


Export the aggregated data of your podcasts like sources, apps, countries, and more.

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