The Podigee Changelog

2017-04-12 Raw statistics available for Rockstar and Custom plans

If you are on our Rockstar paid plan or a custom plan, we can now enable showing raw stats numbers for you. While those numbers are not the most realistic, some ad agencies and brokers use those to determine their payouts.

If you would like to see those numbers, let us know!

2017-04-01 integration removed was shut down on 2017-03-31 so we removed the integration with it. We actually started this a while back when they announced they were going away by removing the UI to add new ADN accounts to podcasts. With this step new episodes will no longer be tried to announced on ADN.

2017-03-22 Better handling of errors during encoding

Until now, when something went wrong during encoding we had to jump in manually and fix the problem for the podcaster. Now, if something happens that makes encoding fail, we catch the error and give the podcaster some hints why it failed and how to fix it themselves.

2016-12-20 Automatic transcription beta now available for paid accounts

If you own a paid Podigee account, you can now activate automatic transcripts for your podcasts. This will take your audio file and automatically produce a text transcript from it. This will show up on the websites integrated into Podigee as well as in the web player.

Podigee Podcast Player with transcript

Transcribing your podcasts will cost 0,05€ or $0,06 per minute of audio during beta.

2016-11-22 Multitrack Audio Uploading

Podigee now supports uploading multitrack recordings. So if you already record separate tracks for different speakers or music/effects, you can now upload those individually. This has many advantages over uploading an already mixed version, some available already now, some in the near future.

First the audio post processing step through Auphonic will be much more effective when using their multitrack algorithms. Soon we will also launch automated transcripts for your podcast content, which will also greatly benefit from multitrack uploads. Additionally we are working on displaying speaker activity in our podcast web player.

Multitrack uploads will be available for all paid plans.


2016-11-21 Contributors

You can now add one or more contributors to a podcast and individual episodes. Currently this will only used for assigning speakers to multitrack uploads, but will find more and more use in future features coming to Podigee. Already planned are support in our upcoming automatic transcripts feature and displaying speaker activity in our podcast web player.


2016-07-26 Better support for using your own website with Podigee

Podigee users have always been able to use their own website and only use Podigee for audio file hosting and the embeddable web player.

Although providing a all-in-one solution, we of course know that podcasters mostly already have a website and so we decided to make using it with Podigee a lot easier. You can now provide an external address for podcasts and episodes. This will be used in the feed and web player and should give your listeners a much smoother experience.



2016-07-12 Massive update for statistics data analysis

We updated the analysis of download tracking data. Before the improvement you saw three different numbers for downloads on you statistics pages. The most mysterious number here was "Unfinished downloads" which was composed of actual unfinished downloads (due to bad connections for example), but also streaming downloads where a podcast listening app only loads the part of the audio file it is supposed to play in the next minutes.


With the update a lot of that mystique is now gone and we're really happy to provide you with much more accurate numbers from now on. The most significant change is that we are now able to detect streaming downloads and show you a reliable figure you can work with.


But there are a few additional changes waiting for you:

1. A new graph display for showing downloads over time that shows much better the development of download numbers


2. Information about where downloads originate from


Of course we will continue tweaking our analytics code constantly and are also working on more advanced possibilities to make even more of your statistics data.

2016-07-07 Advanced configuraton for Podigee Podcast Player

You can now enable and disable extensions in the podcast configuration. Additionally you can decide of you want to show a certain panel like chaptermarks or downloads immediately when the player loads.


2016-05-17 Podigee Podcast Player enabled for all accounts

After a few weeks of testing our innovative new podcast web player during beta, we finally enabled it for all podcasters using Podigee. New embeds will automatically use the new player, old embeds will of course continue to work as usual.


2016-05-03 Connect your iTunes ID with your podcasts

You now can add the iTunes ID of your podcast to your Podigee podcast. At the moment it is only used to show a banner on mobile Apple devices that facilitates subscribing to your podcast on those. We already have a few more uses in mind, so stay tuned!


2015-11-26 Advanced Audio Configuration

Our partner when it comes to audio postprocessing, Auphonic, offers a range of algorithms that improve the quality of recordings. We worked together with Auphonic to create a default configuration that works well for most podcast formats. If you have special requirements you can now turn on or off algorithms and fine tune their parameters where possible.


2015-11-24 Improved podcast cover image uploading

The upload interface for adding a cover image to a podcast can now be found in the General tab of the podcast settings. We also added a more helpful check if the cover art has the right size.

2015-02-01 Notification about broken connections + episode specific explicit flag

Connection notifications

Connections to Facebook or Twitter can expire (for example sometimes when you change your password there). We now detect this and notify you so you can re-connect the service.

Explicit flags

You now can override the explicit flag per episode.

2015-01-03 Subscribe Button

We're really proud and happy to finally bring the Podlove Subscribe Button to our platform. If you would like to know more about the co-production of the Podlove and Podigee teams have a look at our introductory blog post.


If you use one of the default themes you can now enable and configure the button in the Feeds tab of your podcast's settings. If you have customized your theme you can still configure it in the settings, but have to add the button to your theme. To do this use the {{subscribe_button}} template tag (see our documentation for more).

2014-12-10 Collaborators

You can now invite an unlimited number of people as collaborators to a podcast. Collaborators can edit podcast and episode information, add new episodes including media upload. Only destructive actions like deleting or redirecting a podcast are only available to podcast owners.

2014-10-11 Extract audio file metadata

Podigee now supports extracting metadata like title, subtitle and description from an audio file. A perfect use case for this is mobile podcasting: You record an episode on the road, already add basic metadata to the media file and upload it to Dropbox (for example). Then go to Podigee, create a new episode, choose the prepared media file from you Dropbox and hit Encode. The metadata you added to the file will be extracted and added to the episode information. Currently we extract the Title, Subtitle and Description fields as well as the chapter marks (including images and links). If you need other information imported please use the feedback button on Podigee to tell us and we will have a look if it is possible to add it to the list.

2014-09-30 Configure embeddable web player

We have supported embedding the web player into other websites for some time now. Now you can configure how the embedded player will look like and some more features. You can find the configuration when you select the Embed tab after an episode has been published.


2014-08-15 Interface improvements

We have started to make small improvements to the interface. This is an ongoing effort with the goal to declutter the interface and make daily actions more obvious for beginners and faster to use for experienced users. Additionally we will add information about the podcasts- and episodes-statistics in useful places over the next weeks.


2014-07-29 Scheduled episodes

It is now possible to schedule an episode for publishing in the future. Instead of publishing immediately you can set a date and time when the episode should go public. This also allows for changing the sort order of already published episodes.


2014-06-22 Episode images

You can now add an unlimited number of images to your episodes.

These can for example be used in a theme like this:


2014-04-02 Episode images

It is now possible to add a cover image for an episode. This will be added to the media files (the podcast cover image will be used as a fallback) and we will soon make them available for use on the blog.


2014-03-31 Social Media Statistics

Now that you can post to your Social media accounts automatically when publishing an episode, wouldn't it be great to see things like retweets, likes and shares of those posts all in one place? Good, because we just made this possible!

After you published your episode Podigee shows the posts that were made to the social services you connected together with some numbers telling you how your audience interacts with your social media activities.


2014-03-28 connection + automatic posting

Following Twitter and Facebook connections you can now also connect your account to Podigee and post automatically to it when a new episode gets published.


Here you can set up your account and the text to be posted.

2014-03-21 Facebook connection + automatic posting

After we enabled Twitter connections some time ago we now add the ability to connect your Facebook page and automatically post updates to it's wall when a new episode is pubished.

Here you can set up your Facebook account and the text to be posted.

This is how it looks like after you published your next episode.

The same functionality will follow soon for connections!

2014-03-20 Add a copyright text to you blog and RSS feeds

It is now possible to add a copyright line to your blog and RSS feeds, so your audience can see what they are allowed to do with your content.

We are currently looking into the possibility of providing a license chooser. Let us know what you think about this idea and what licenses you use or consider using for your content.

2014-03-15 Extraction of chapter marks from uploaded files

With help from Auphonic we are now able to extract chaptermarks from uploaded M4A/MP4 files. So if you already added chapter marks with GarageBand or Hindenburg they will show up in the Podigee chapter mark editing interface after encoding.


2014-02-28 Twitter connection + automatic posting

Until now you could only enter your Twitter name and it would be shown on the blog. Now you can connect your twitter account to Podigee and automatically post updates to Twitter when an episode is published.

Here you can set up your Twitter account and the text to be posted.
This is how it looks like after you published your next episode.
The same functionality will follow soon for and Facebook Page connections!

2014-02-08 Blog announcements

Today we have launched a feature called Blog Announcement.

Some of our users asked if we could add a new kind of posts which would not be episodes, but would only contain text information. Some podcasters do this on their blog in order to announce stuff like issues or important changes. We have been thinking about making this feature fit into our interface and we decided to include a unique announcement field that will typically be shown on top of the episode list, in your blog.

You can use markdown in the editor, just like in the show notes. Just add some text and it will be automatically saved. If you go to your blog, you will see that the announcement is visible on top of the blog page:


If you are using a custom theme, you can add this feature by using the new template attribute blog.announcement.

2014-02-07 A next generation markdown editor

We have added a new editor for the show notes. This new editor uses the popular web markup format "Markdown". You will find a new tab show notes in the episode editing interface. The editor is simple and straight-forward: you type in the text on the left side, and see how it gets formatted in the preview window on the right. Everything happens real time, thanks to the awesomeness of Markdown!

Why is Markdown so cool?

Markdown is simple, yet powerful. It allows to create rich contents while not giving up control. Compared to wysiwyg html editors, it does behave exactly as the user expects it to behave, even on large documents.

Compatibility with HTML

If you have text written in HTML, you can use it with Markdown without having to change it at all! Just take the source HTML code and paste it into the edit window. The preview will interpret the HTML markup.

I want to learn more about Markdown

Check out the Markdown Cheat Sheet.


2014-02-06 Facebook connection support

It is now possible to add a link to your Facebook page, next to other social media connections like Twitter or Go to your podcast editing page and choose the tab Connections. There, you will find a new field Facebook. Once you have filled out the Facebook field, the link to your page will be shown in your blog. If you use a custom theme, you can use the template attribute podcast.connections.facebook.

2013-12-17 Download links for web player

Another small but vital improvement just found it's way into Podigee: Now your users can download your podcast directly from your blog in all four formats (MP3, AAC, OGG and OPUS).

2013-12-14 Improved publishing workflow

Now you can upload a media file, edit the episode data and than just click on the "Encode & publish" button. After we have processed the file, the episode will get published automatically - and you will get a notification mail!


2013-12-11 Big update for the user interface

Today we pushed out our biggest update yet.

With this update we introduce a more straight forward user interface for creating and editing podcasts and episodes. The Edit button is gone and fields can be edited directly now. Additionally we added auto-saving for even less unnecessary clicking.


2013-12-03 Cover images for audio files

We now add the Pocast cover image as cover for audio files. Additionally it will be displayed in the web-player. The possibility to override the cover image per episode will follow soon.


2013-11-24 A new theme, pagination and about page for blogs

A new theme

A new theme has been added! Just go to your Blog settings and choose 'One column' as your theme to use it.


Pagination for blogs

The overview pages of the blogs are now paginated. For now there will be 10 episodes on each page. If there is demand for it we will make this number configurable in the future.

About page for blogs

Blogs now can have an about page.

2013-11-17 Our interface is going responsive

We improved usability on small screen devices like phones and tablets a lot. You should now be able to do most of the tasks you can do on your desktop on the road.

2013-11-10 New file upload

We had to switch away from our old file upload method. We have been using a service for uploading files until today, but had to switch away from it because of pricing changes which simply do not fit into our use-case.

Therefore the interface to upload files has been slightly changed and we also had to remove the Dropbox and Google Drive upload functionality for now (Don't worry, they will return soon!).

2013-11-08 Some interface improvements

  • We renamed the Texts tab on the Podcast- and Episode-Pages to General
  • Also, we moved the Media Files Tab to the first position on the Episode-Page