The Podigee Changelog

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2014-02-07 A next generation markdown editor

We have added a new editor for the show notes. This new editor uses the popular web markup format "Markdown". You will find a new tab show notes in the episode editing interface. The editor is simple and straight-forward: you type in the text on the left side, and see how it gets formatted in the preview window on the right. Everything happens real time, thanks to the awesomeness of Markdown!

Why is Markdown so cool?

Markdown is simple, yet powerful. It allows to create rich contents while not giving up control. Compared to wysiwyg html editors, it does behave exactly as the user expects it to behave, even on large documents.

Compatibility with HTML

If you have text written in HTML, you can use it with Markdown without having to change it at all! Just take the source HTML code and paste it into the edit window. The preview will interpret the HTML markup.

I want to learn more about Markdown

Check out the Markdown Cheat Sheet.