Automatic Transcription

Want to super-charge your podcast without breaking the bank? Try our automatic podcast transcription!

Make your podcast searchable

Search engines are not able to search audio content.

Use our transcription service to automatically produce a text version of your podcast in minutes. Everything for the fraction of the price of a manual transcription.

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Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost?

Automatic transcripts cost $0.12/€0.10 per minute of audio transcribed.


How is the transcript quality?

As the transcription is done by a computer there will definetely be errors. Providing good quality recordings and multitrack audio for conversational content will greatly reduce those. See the tips of our technology partner Auphonic.


Can I edit the transcript afterwards?

Yes, we provide a special editor for that purpose.


Can I transcribe interviews or conversations of multiple people?

Yes, but to achieve good results you will need to provide a separate audio track for each speaker.


How long does it take to create the transcript?

Creating the transcript is fully integrated into our publishing workflow and normaly only takes a few minutes to complete.


Can I upload my own transcripts?

Yes, you can upload transcripts in the following formats: SRT, WebVTT and specially formatted Word .docx files.