Publish your podcast on Spotify

Your podcast at Spotify in 3 easy steps. In less than 1 hour!

Listing your podcast on Spotify is super easy thanks to Podigee.

**There are 3 easy steps: **

  1. create an account with Podigee:
  2. upload your new podcast episode
  3. Go to Podcast -> Exports -> Spotify and confirm

Boom! Done!

Publish your podcast on Spotify

Not sure yet what to do?

Once signed up on Podigee, on the podcast overview page, go to “Edit” of your podcast.

Under the “Exports” tab, you’ll find a small form in the “Directories” section under “Spotify”:

Publish your podcast on Spotify

Now all you have to do is check the box to confirm your approval. Initially, you should wait 1-2 hours before your podcast appears on Spotify.


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