Submit your podcast hosted on Podigee to Spotify

Publish your podcast on Spotify

Thanks to a partnership with Spotify, all Podigee customers enjoy direct access to the Spotify podcast directory.

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Deinen Podcast auf Spotify zu listen ist kinderleicht. Auf der Podcast-Übersichtsseite, gehe auf “Bearbeiten” von deinem Podcast. Listing your podcast on Spotify is a breeze. On the podcast overview page, click the “Edit” button of the podcast that you want to submit to Spotify.

Under the “Exports” tab you will find a small form in the “Directories” section under “Spotify”:

Podigee Export Tab - Spotify

Now all you have to do is check the box to confirm your approval. Initially, you should expect 3-4 working days before your podcast appears on Spotify. Voilà!