How much does it cost to start a Podcast?

Start recording and editing your podcast for FREE!

The first step for producing your podcast, recording audio, can be tackled at little to no cost.  Many audio editing solutions include a voice recording option. This means, you can easily record and edit your episodes in the same place. 


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To get basic editing tools, it is not necessary to spend a fortune. There are free software options on the market, which will make it easy for you to kick-off your podcast journey.


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Get your equipment for less than 50€

The basic recording equipment to start with, includes a microphone and headphones. You can also choose the headset option, as it has an integrated microphone.

Prices can vary, depending on how much you want to invest and the quality you are looking for. If you're looking for a low budget alternative, you can find headsets for less than 50€ with enough quality to get started.

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Once you have your first episode ready, it needs to be published and distributed to all platforms.

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