Preserve a unique brand identity with the new Intro & Outro feature

Improve the flexibility of your episodes

With Intro & Outro we give you the possibility to add an Intro and Outro to your episodes, which will open a wide range of possibilities to promote or inform about future events of your company and keep your podcasts up to date.

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Take advantage of its benefits

With just one click you can keep your episodes updated, regardless of the publishing date. 

No matter what podcast episode your listeners are listening to, they will be up-to-date with relevant content, such as upcoming events, product launches, webinars, campaigns…

» Manage the intros and outros of your podcasts in the easiest way with Podigee.

Increase engagement with your listeners with relevant and updated content.

» Preserve the current essence of your brand at all times.

» If your podcast switches its sponsor, easily exchange the intro for all episodes.

It's a perfect opportunity to keep your brand identity fresh without the need of removing any old content.

A good example of the use of Intro & Outro would be to announce relevant news related to your business at that moment.

If you are planning to release a new product and you want to make an echo about it, you can insert the intro commenting about it in your podcast. In the same way, you can add it, you can also delete it or update it with a newer one.

Make your production easier now
Make your production easier now