Maximize Your Podcast Reach: Publish to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and other platforms

Liste deinen Podcast auf Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher und Co.

It's time to share your podcast with the world!

By submitting your podcast to popular podcast platforms, your show will be discoverable everywhere in no time, allowing you to get your message into the ears of listeners and reach a worldwide audience. 

The Most Popular Podcast Directories

Basically, your podcast should be available everywhere podcasts can be found. But when you're just starting out, you just need to focus on the main four. Here’s an overview.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

As the largest and most established podcast directory, submitting your show to Apple Podcasts is essential for any podcaster looking to grow their audience and gain recognition in the podcasting community. It also allows for easy subscription and management of podcasts for listeners, making it a convenient platform for both creators and listeners alike.

Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts



Spotify has more than 574 million active users and began offering podcasts in 2015. While the platform is primarily for music, having your podcast on Spotify can help you reach a wide audience, get more exposure, and attract new fans who might not find you otherwise.

Submit your podcast to Spotify



Second only to Google, YouTube is the world's largest search engine in the world. It has a massive and diverse user base, giving the ability to reach new audiences and engage with them in real-time via comments (something other podcasting platforms don't allow for).

As a podcaster, leveraging YouTube can help you foster community and growth within the competitive podcasting landscape and give you an edge in the process.

Submit your podcast to YouTube

Amazon Musik

Amazon Music

Listing your podcast on Amazon Music, a premier music and podcast streaming platform, can significantly expand your listener base due to its massive user base. And its seamless integration with Amazon Alexa enables Android users to conveniently access your podcast through voice commands, enhancing user experience and engagement with your content.

Submit your podcast to Amazon Music

Compatibility: Meeting the requirements of every podcast directory

It's important to have their podcasts listed on as many directories as possible. But, each directory has its own set of requirements, so how do you make sure you meet them all? This can often lead to confusion and frustration--but thankfully, it isn't that complicated.

To avoid having to do different things for each major directory, here are some tips on how podcasters can meet all the requirements:

  • Use a hosting platform: The best thing you can do to avoid frustration is to submit your RSS feed through a podcast hosting platform like Podigee. Hosting services automatically generate an RSS feed that meets the requirements of major directories.

  • Ensure audio quality: All major directories have requirements for audio quality, such as bit rate and file format. Podcasters should make sure their audio meets these standards before submitting to directories.

  • Optimize podcast information: Each directory has its own guidelines for titles, descriptions, and artwork–be sure to read them carefully so you save yourself the hassle of having to make corrections and resubmit!

By following these tips, you can ensure your show meets all the requirements of major directories without having to do different things for each one.

Pro Tip: Not all directories will be listed on your hosting site, so you may need to submit your podcast directly to some. In this case, just be sure to read the directions carefully in case the guidelines differ a bit from others.

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

It’s a wonderful feeling when you type the name of your podcast into a major directory and find it! Take some time to enjoy all the hard work that's gotten you to this point.

It's exciting! Your podcast can now be heard everywhere in the world (and you’ll see that soon in your Podigee analytics). 

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