AI-generated podcast transcriptions

Podigee improves your podcast SEO and discovery with cutting-edge, AI-generated transcriptions that are accurate, fully searchable and are generated automatically when publishing your content.

Why do podcast transcriptions matter?

SEO Boost

Increase your show's discoverability online with text that search engines love, driving organic traffic to your podcast.

Higher Engagement

Allow listeners to easily find and revisit their favorite moments, quotes, and episodes, enhancing user experience and loyalty.


Make your podcast inclusive for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, ensuring everyone has access to your incredible content.

Transcriptions supported by Apple Podcasts

With Podigee, you can automatically submit your transcriptions to Apple Podcasts. It works like magic.

And if you need to, you can customize the transcripts before publishing.


How it works


  1. Create a Podigee account if you don't have one here.
  2. Upload Your Episode: Simply upload your latest podcast episode to Podigee.
  3. Enable Transcripts: Go to your podcast, choose the Transcript tab and activate the feature.
  4. AI Does Its Magic: Our AI-powered system instantly gets to work, transcribing your audio content.
  5. Review & Edit: Quickly review and make any necessary edits to ensure accuracy and brand alignment.
  6. Publish & Share: With a click, publish your episode and its transcription, making your content accessible and SEO-friendly.





The Podigee Transparency Agreement

    • Your content belongs to you.
    • We will never sell your data.
    • We never put ads in your podcast without permission.
    • You can cancel anytime and take your podcast and listeners with you.