Here's the feature that many Podigee users have been waiting for:

Ad planner: Your time-saver for planning and managing ads

It is finally possible to create and share your promotion campaigns (=plans) without having to sit in front of your computer in real-time. 

Let's relax and automate everything!

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But what exactly is possible with the Podigee Ad Planner?

With the Podigee Ad Planner you can decide when a certain promotion will run and for how long, as well as which one will replace it if necessary.

You can choose whether an ad is played for a fixed number of episodes, or whether a certain date is set as the limit. This gives your advertisers plenty more choices. 

Plus, you're much more flexible that way. 

Wondering if it has to be an ad at the beginning of the episodes, at the end, or somewhere in the middle. Again, that's entirely up to you.

You can find two short videos below that guide you through the first steps.

What could an example with Podigee Ad Planner look like?

Let's imagine that you have a deal with Advertiser 1 to air their ads 1000 times in the episodes. With Advertiser 2, you've agreed that their ads will be aired right after that, by a certain date. 


With Podigee Ad Planner you can implement and automate this exact thing. Advertiser 1 gets 1000 deliveries and pays you a certain amount of money. As soon as the 1000 deliveries have expired, the promotion for advertiser 2 will start. If this promotion has also ended on a set date, you will see in the statistics how many times the promotion has been aired and you can create an invoice. 


However, this is of course only an example and can look completely different in your case. But now you have the tools for it.


Who is the Podigee Ad Planner ideal for?

For podcasters who (want to) monetize their show with the help of advertising partners.

For marketers who want to give their advertising partners more options in the broadcast of their promotions.


For self-employed podcasters who want to promote on a regular and planned basis.

For show runners who are already using Podigee's Dynamic Ads and want to make their lives easier.

For larger publishers that manage a large number of podcasts and want to create and plan multiple advertising campaigns.

What packages have the Podigee Ad Planner included?

Ad Planner is included in the Business and Professional packages.

This is how the Podigee Ad Planner works

In this video, I show you how to easily create an ad plan for promotions.

In this video you will learn:

  1. How to create a multilevel ad plan.
  2. How to upload promotional audio for a specific advertisement.
  3. The start options you can choose from.
  4. How to define when a particular ad is finished.

In this video, I'll show you how to link your newly created Ad Plan to one of your podcasts.

We use pre-roll for this purpose, which is a position right at the beginning of your episodes.

This video is about how you can:

  1. Select a specific podcast for the Ad Plan.
  2. Ensure that only certain or all episodes are filled with the promotions from the Ad Plan.

Have fun creating your first ad plans.

Ad Planner is available in Business and Professional packages.

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