The podcast hosting solution that focuses on your business growth

Podcasting is an ever-growing channel for storytelling and content distribution that offers an umbrella of benefits to any industry. From production low complexity to ease of consumption, podcasts enable you to raise engagement with different kinds of audiences, and much more. 

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We enable you to use podcasting as a powerful communications channel

Since its beginnings in 2013, Podigee has helped launch thousands of podcasts and continues to enable them every day to effortlessly reach their listeners worldwide, across multiple platforms and devices. Through a complete set of flexible features, including a podcast player, we make sure that podcasters have what they need to convert casual visitors on their website or social media profiles into loyal fans and customers.

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Get your podcast in the top directories and more!

You will get an RSS feed for your podcast to submit to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Podimo, Deezer, and other platforms.

We understand the dynamics of converting podcast audiences into customers


Distribute your podcast to all big listening platforms and embed it on your own website.



Measure your podcast's success and optimize your performance and investment.



Raise awareness for your brand, convert podcast audiences into customers and monetize.


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A podcast player to engage your audience instantly

Integrate a customizable podcast player in your website or CMS to showcase your audio content and make it easy for your listeners to stay tuned with your latest updates.

Why to publish your podcast with Podigee?


Hassle-Free Start

Your podcast in the cloud is one click away, no need to be a techie for that.



Best-in-Class Analytics

Advanced analytics to understand the impact of your podcasting efforts.



Customer Obsession

We are committed to your success and will work together with you to achieve it.



Privacy Conscious

 We care about your privacy and will never sell your data. GDPR compliant.


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