All-in-One Podcast Production (setup, post-production, SEO optimization)

Let our experts take care of setting up, editing and optimizing your podcast

Everything in one place

You are not just looking for hosting, but an all-inclusive package? Welcome home.

The post-editing of even a short 30-minute recording can take well over 3 hours, and a good result is not always given!

Our podcast experts take care of everything from setting up your podcast, designing your podcast cover, and podcast post-production.

With our All-in-One Podcast Service, you save time, work with professionals, and have all the guarantees. And you get 10% discount on the hosting on top!

Audio Editor


The Podigee warranty

Working with unknown service providers can lead to unpleasant surprises. You are safe with us.

We select our podcast experts carefully and keep only the best ones.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of your designated expert, we will easily find a replacement. Of course you only have to pay once, we take the risk.

Of course, all of your content is only yours, and we even put it in our Terms and Conditions.

Initial podcast setup

  • Setting up your podcast at Podigee
  • 30-minute Podigee tour (explanation of dashboard and analytics)
  • Podcast cover design by a professional graphic artist
  • Release of a 1-minute trailer episode (required for Apple and Spotify listing)
  • Distribution on all relevant podcast platforms
  • Discount on hosting for the first year: 10%

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Podcast Production

Podcast editing

Podcast Editing & Post-Production

  • Editing the audio file (up to 60 minutes in duration, additional charge for longer episodes)
  • Quality Improvement
  • Adding Intro, Outro
  • Uploading to Podigee
  • Creation of the show notes (episode description)
  • Release at scheduled time
  • Discount on Podigee hosting: 10%

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