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Two companies, one objective, seamless experience

Podigee and Audion, the German and French podcast technology leaders, have signed a partnership to provide an integrated solution for industry professionals: editors, media groups, producers and brands.

As a Podigee customer, you benefit from the best of Audion's ad technology in your podcasts. You get access to a single platform for professional podcasters around the world.

Audion's products are used by leading media and podcasters by the world's most iconic brands. With the increase of podcast listening, Audion developed a real-time server-side monetization technology for premium publishers.


Advanced global adtech solution

Audion tech can be used with Podigee with one click and allows you to insert ads dynamically on every play, any device and all podcast applications. Our ad insertion capabilities enable professional media to generate revenue from their podcasts while preserving the best experience for your listeners.

Various advertising scenarios are possible depending on needs and objectives:

  • High quality and real-time ad insertion on RSS feed
  • Real time transcoding to match the podcast ads with the media
  • Support host read or standard format
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Open to 3rd party systems (VAST - DAST)

Advertising services that save time and money

Because podcast advertising business is fairly new and pretty time consuming, Audion provides additional services on top of their state-of-the-art technology:

  • Management of the podcast inventory
  • Sales representation of premium podcast networks
  • Production of dedicated podcast ads thanks to their own studio
  • Providing of a casting of professional voice overs

Though Audion can provide a full spectrum of solutions, marketing and advertising agencies are most welcome to use the direct sale option – bring your own advertisers, use Podigee and Audion tech for a small fee.

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