You have the range, we have the contacts.

Negotiations with individual advertising partners cost a lot of time and effort - dynamically placed advertisements from marketing networks cost only an email.

To make sure that you can market podcasts in your company in a relaxed manner, we have entered into strategic partnerships with the major Ad-Tech companies in the podcast and radio world.

Already on board are our French partner Audion and the international Ad Technology Specialist Adswizz – as well as the top marketer RMS well-known from the radio world. We already have other exciting partnerships in the pipeline.

For you, as a Podigee customer, this means that dynamic integrated advertisements ("Dynamic Ad-Insertion") via established marketing networks is never more than an email.


Discover Dynamic Ad-Insertion and the most advanced Ad-Tech solutions in the world

We provide the platform and leave everything else to you.

How exactly you cooperate with the marketers is up to you at any time: Some offer all-inclusive packages that include support in managing your podcast inventory, direct sales contacts with larger podcast networks, commercials produced in your own studio, and even contacts with professional voice-over artists when needed.

Just as well you can also offer your podcasts as advertising space for direct marketing via marketing and advertising agencies or bring your own advertising partners - in this case, we are happy to provide the advertising technology from us and our partners for a small service fee.

In short: On request, we offer you everything from Bring Your Own Adserver to Fully Managed Ad Operations.

Because we love to make things easy.

From installing displays to measuring range, everything is under one roof with us.

For the uncomplicated integration of the dynamic ads, we provide you with an easy-to-use editor, with which you can define to the millisecond exactly where ads should be integrated. Depending on the provider and deployment scenario, further options are possible in addition to the dynamic integrated ads:

  • High-quality ad insertion in real-time in RSS feeds
  • Real-time transcoding to match the podcast ads with the original media
  • Host Read Advertisement or Standard Format
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Open for third-party systems (VAST, DAST)


Numbers, please!

Including range measurement via transparent and comparable statistics

Do your advertising partners require reliable numbers and proof of your reach? We have developed Unified Podcast Analytics (German) especially for this purpose - a statistics standardized proposal that helps you to provide reliable information about your audience at all times.

Of course, our analytics are fully IAB-compatible and thus comparable across service providers. In places where the IAB guidelines were too superficial for us, we have made concrete suggestions for dealing with the numbers.

Important for you: Relevant statistics are a matter of course for us.

Now it's your turn!

Get your tailor-made offer today.

Would you like to know more? Or do you need an individual offer? Perhaps you already work with another marketer? If you have nodded to any of these questions, we suggest that you contact our sales team.

Together we are sure to find a solution that exactly fits your needs and challenges: